Army mom has been away too long – toddler ignores military rules running to her arms for a hug

December 13th, 2019

Left Alone But Not Forgotten

Children’s smiles and laughter are priceless. Bringing joy to your children is easy, no need to spend a lot of money all you need to do is spend some of your time to make them happy.

Parents are ones responsible for making their children’s lives wonderful. Their primary objectives as a mother and a father are to raise their child to become what they want in the future.

Normally a dad works and the mom takes care of their child at home or it can be vice-versa. But what if both the mom and dad are not only responsible for their child but everyone in the country?

Naturally, a child spends more time with their mothers. Statistically speaking the mothers, spend more hours taking care of their children rather than doing anything else like chores or a job.

However, in Cooper’s case, it is different. Both of his parents are serving the military so their family being together is a very rare occasion. Cooper is living without his parents for most of his life.

Drill Sergeant: Attention! Cooper: No Thank You!

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A child named Cooper Waldvogel refused to wait to finish the military’s homecoming procession and went hugging his mother really tight. As seen in the video, the National Guards of Chisholm Minnesota are lining up to await the dismissal of duties from their commanding officer after a nine-month-long operation in Afganistan.

He did not care about the people around him, nor care about the importance of the strict military protocol, all he cared about is to be with his mother Kathryn Waldvogel who is not with him for almost a year.

This tearjerking moment went viral when a citizen who is also present in that ceremony was filming the occasion. You can really feel how much he longed for his mother’s loving embrace.

“I was longing to hold him, that’s all I thought about,” Ms. Waldvogel told USA Today. “It just melts my heart,” she added.

When this video has gone viral, Facebook netizens has something to say.

“Why does she have to serve her country to be honored? Is she not wearing the uniform of A Soldier! Doesn’t matter if she didn’t serve what matters is she is more brave putting on that uniform for the meaning for what stands behind it and what she will eventually do! Takes a selfless person to join to protect US!! Takes a true Soldier to kiss their love ones not knowing if they will return! I honor anyone who does! As I honor her! And to her beautiful son, what a moment he gave her to always remember! ! Thank you for all who serve and all who volunteer!!” — Liz Sommerer

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“THANK YOU MAMA. It takes a special mother to do what you chose to do. Thank you also, to all the rest of you.” — Scott McMullin

Family Reunion

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Cooper sometimes is taken care of by his mom Kathryn if his dad Adam Waldvogel is on tour. Sometimes Adam takes care of Cooper when Kathryn is away, but there are also times that both Kathryn and Adam are not there for their son because of their mission.

His dad just also came back from his tour with the 850th Horizontal Engineers in Afganistan, so Cooper will pretty much be taking advantage of the free time both of his parents are with him.

“He(Cooper) is a definition of resiliency,” said Adam.

It is a very rare occasion for these three people to be together as a family so all of them are treating it as a family reunion not wasting any time showing their love for each other.

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Modern Day Heroes

Our soldiers risk their lives day by day to defend their country even if it means sacrificing themselves. Soldiers need to be in good shape mentally and physically. That means they need to be tough no matter the circumstances they are facing.

They also sacrifice the time that they need to spend with their families. The United States Army is deployed in different parts of the world to fulfill the mission for their country.

Deployment takes at least nine to fifteen months before they can go home. Meaning they need to leave everything behind even their precious children.

We cannot blame Adam and Kathryn for leaving Cooper behind to serve the country. They are saving everyone and making sure that their child’s future will be brighter. They need to sacrifice a huge amount of time to fulfill the mission for everyone.

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[Source: USA Today]