Woman shares simple trick to clean your oven doors in a jiffy

August 25th, 2020

Any cleaning trick or hack for kitchen appliances is a massive help. I don’t need to inform you about how dirty your kitchen can get with all the stuff that goes on there. Matter of fact, your kitchen can be dirtier than some spots of your bathroom despite how crazy that sounds!

But it isn’t all that surprising when you think about it. Try and recap all the substances and hands that spread all over the kitchen and it starts to make sense.

Your kitchen sink, for example, can actually be dirtier than the toilet.

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Calm down, you can go clean it after reading the rest of this. It won’t take long!

Now let me explain : Your toilet regularly receives the disinfection treatment from you. Obviously, the toilet is one of the first things you’d think to regularly visit with some disinfectant bleach, so it’s less germ-ridden on average.

On the other hand, your kitchen sink and oven have probably been sitting uncleaned for weeks or longer. Cross-contamination is just one worry. All those microbes breeding on your stove top and oven are another.

The sink and stove should be easy enough to clean. Being a wide, opened and accessible surface means you can just give it a few rounds with spray-on cleaner and disinfectant before wiping it dry.

But the oven’s interior is a different thing altogether, and naturally you’d want to be cautious with what liquid substances you spray onto an electric appliance.

Thanks to this neat little trick, you won’t have to worry about that at all!

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If you don’t have one of those fancy, self-cleaning ovens, then there’s still yet another way to give the oven a thorough clean. Jill Nystul, who runs the website One Good Thing, has her own inexpensive and much-needed oven-cleaning method.

First, you’ll have to acquire a dishwasher detergent tablet. Not a pod, mind you. The tablets are dry and powder-based while pods will dissolve into liquid.

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The other things you should acquire are warm water, cleaning gloves and a cleaning cloth. Those should be easy enough to find around your home, or with a quick trip to the grocery.

Now that we have the tools, how does this method work?

Step 1 is put the gloves on. You don’t want any of the nasty grime on the oven to get on your bare-hands. This will also make it easier to hold the detergent tablet when it starts to get slippery and crumbly after step 2.

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Step 2 is to dip the detergent tablet into the warm water before using it to scrub your oven door. You’re welcome to dip the tablet into the warm water again to revisit those hard-to-remove stains and spots.

As the tablet crumbles with usage, the smaller bits can be reused to get in between the corners and otherwise inaccessible areas.

And finally, wipe it clean with the dish cloth when you’re done.

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Now, how did Jill stumble upon this? There wasn’t all that much to it, she says. Detergent tablets are already formulated to get rid of tough food residue and stains on cutlery, thus it seemed natural that it would work on the surface of an oven.

Now you can bake to your heart’s content, knowing that cleaning the oven afterwards is as easy as that! Quite a lot of people like to use their ovens, so consider giving this article a share so they can see it!

Watch the video below!

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The amazing dishwasher tablet trick

The dishwasher tablet trick that will transform the way you clean the oven and dirty pots 👌

Posted by This Morning on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Source: [One Good Thing by Jill Nystul, WebMD, This Morning on Facebook]