Mom losing hair from chemo – lets her four year old give her a haircut

December 2nd, 2019

There are many different fears that come when facing chemo and one of them is the loss of hair

Women Take Great Pride In Their Hair

Most women are concerned about their appearance and no matter what they may be going through they want their hair to look good.

The Thought Of Facing Chemotherapy

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At the age of 32 Emilie Orton was facing a round of chemotherapy as a treatment for germ cell ovarian cancer. She now began facing all the fears that come with both this disease and the treatment. Emilie is the mom of three beautiful children.

The Thought of Hair Loss

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Emilie shared that after she received her diagnosis the thought of losing her hair would bring her to tears.

Making The Best of A Bad Situation

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Emilie knew that the entire family was going to be affected by what she had to face. In order to make things a little bit easier, she decided to let her four-year-old daughter take on the role of a hairdresser.

Norah (aka Shrug)

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Norah is Emilie’s four-year-old daughter and has a passion for beauty. To the point where she plans her hairstyles the night before school. She has names for each style such as the “waterfall” “Half braider” or the “pigs.

Emilie and Norah Work Together

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Emilie told Norah that once Emilie started losing her hair that Norah could cut it for her. Norah was up for the task at hand and was delighted at being able to perform the new hair style for Mom.

Mixed Emotions


Emilie says that Norah did a wonderful job. For Emilie, it was her most favorite but scariest hair cut she has ever had. Emilie lets Norah take the scissors in hand once her hair started falling out.

What Did Emilie See

Why going through this event of getting her hair cut Emilie saw more than just the loss of her hair.

What she saw was a recollection that all a child sees when looking at their parent is someone they love no matter what.

The Touch Up

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After Norah had finished her job of cutting Mom’s hair Emilie’s husband performed some touch-up. However, Norah had her own opinion of Dad’s finished work. Norah said, “ Mom I liked my haircut I gave you. but the haircut Dad gave you looks weird. I can’t play pretend with you unless you put on a wig and look good’

Sharing The Story

Emilie decided to catch the haircutting event on video and shared it on instagram and needless to say it went viral. It has been an inspiration for many. As well as uplifting for Emilie based on all the responses of support that she received.

Some of the comments Emilie received were:

“You are such an amazing person!”

“You’re an inspiration! Much love!”

“Sending you all the love health and strength beautiful. Stay strong, I’m sorry your journey in life included this bump the road. It’s all going to pass, take it easy don’t over exert yourself you’ll need the energy when it’s all over! You’ll kick cancers butt I know it”

Emilie is a true inspiration to not only her family but to all those who she has touched by sharing her story

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