Five-year-old is dynamite with her premiere dance performance to Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

December 13th, 2019

Two shocking facts about this little one is that she is only almost five and this is her first Premiere Dance

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She is first seen entering the stage as she skips to her umbrella.

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Emily Carey’s dance routine begins with her crouched behind the umbrella. At first, one wonders if she is too shy to come out from behind it. But Emily soon puts that thought to rest.

From A Dress To A Bikini

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As she comes out from behind the water right in cue with the music she is wearing a short little red dress which she quickly discards to reveal her yellow polka dot bikini.

Her Talent

It is so easy to get caught up in the cuteness of Emily that her talent gets overlooked. She is right in synch with the music and is obviously listening to it intently for her cues. She knows exactly when to dip and when to wiggle.

A Little Support

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While Emily seems quite sure of her routing on occasion it seems like she may be a little unsure of herself, and seems to be looking ahead for someone to give her some direction. In any event when she appears to be a little lost like a little trouper she just continues on and improves with a few moves of her like some backflips or slides

Great Stamina

The song that Emily was performing to what the Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, with Brian Hyland as the artist. This is not a short song and Emily seems to have the same level of energy through the entirety of her performance.

The Ending

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Right on cue Emily performs a grand finish.

A Little About Emily Carey

When Emily made this first Premiere Dance debut she was not quite five years old. Even if her performance was not 100% perfect those watching would never have guessed in. This was during 2013 and her video has had 1,872,928 views to date.

What Was Next For Emily?

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When a little one like this displays so much talent there is always curiosity as to what happened next. Emily went on to continue her performances. In 2016 Emily was now seven and was featured on YouTube performing another premiere dance. Emily Carey Performs to Amayzing Mayzie

Now At The Age of Ten

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Emmy
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Emily is still going strong and now is referred to as Emmy Carey. She has another Youtube video where she is performing to Brave


Emily’s popularity continues to grow as her YouTube Channel has 3.45K subscribers.

It is a wonderful experience to be able to follow a little dancer like this who not only grows in size as she ages but grows in her talents. It is much appreciated that Emily is sharing her dance journey with so many others.

For those who wish to follow the progress of this very talented young dancer, they can follow her on her YouTube channel. No doubt the more followers she has the more it will boost her confidence.

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