10 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping At Costco

January 29th, 2020

We all have the same goals when grocery shopping, get the best products at the cheapest prices. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get distracted by the trickery of the grocery store. Here are 10 shopping tips, that will help you get the upper-hand at Costco.

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Don’t fall victim to Costco’s tricks, follow these 10 tips

You might be surprised by some of these, I know I was.

1. Upgrading your membership

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There are two memberships at Costco, the $60 Gold Star and the $120 Gold Star Executive. Many people rush for the cheaper ones, not realizing that by getting the more expensive one you might actually end up saving money. You get cash back rewards for shopping, so if you shop a lot the Costco card will pay for itself.

2. Don’t let the layout confuse you

According to a former Costco employee, they purposely change the layout to confuse you. This way you’ll wander around, discovering products you may never have noticed. To avoid this go with a list and focus on the items you came for.

3. Price adjustment policy

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Have you ever went back to Costco, only to see an item you just bought now on sale? Don’t worry, Costco actually has a policy that allows you to show them your receipt and be refunded the difference.

4. Gift card kickbacks

Costco has many different gift card options that will actually put money back in your pocket. That’s right, they sell $100 gift cards from loads of establishments at a discounted rate. So you can actually save money every time you go out to eat.

5. Pay attention to shelf life

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Costco likes to push products on you in bulk, it makes you think you’re saving money when sometimes it’s the opposite. Check the shelf life to make sure you’ll be able to consume it all, before going wild on the bulk deals.

6. Concierge services perks

When it comes to electronics, Costco is by far the best place to purchase your next television. This is because their amazing concierge service has a support team available 24-hours 7-days a week. You also get a 2-year warranty on all purchases, which is a year longer than most other places.

7. Never skip the Kirkland products

Well, it’s tempting to go for the name brand products, the cheaper Kirkland products have beat out name brands like Grey Goose and Oscar Meyer in blind taste tests.

8. Pricing details

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At Costco the numbers in the pricing mean something, if the prices end in .99 it indicates a normal price. Anything lower like .89, .79, means it’s on sale and if it ends in.97 it means the cheapest prices. Also if there is an asterisk at the corner of the price label it means that items likely going away for good.

9. Always check the online prices

The Costco online prices can save you some big bucks if it’s something you don’t need right away it may be worth a look to see if it’s discounted online.

10. Even non-members have some perks

If you don’t have a Costco membership, you can still use the food court, fill a prescription, and in 16 different states, you can actually buy liquor if you just tell them that’s what you’re there for.

To learn more about each tip in detail, watch below.

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