11 hilarious ways owners protected their Christmas trees from pets

July 30th, 2021

Everyone waits eagerly all year for when it’s time to pull out the Christmas tree and decorate it beautifully. However, when you have pets, putting up a tree gets more difficult. Many pets see this tree as a brand-new plaything, and they’re all too eager to test it out.

Some clever people have started to pet-proof their tree, and the results are funny, clever, and downright adorable in some cases. Check out 11 of the best examples of pet-proofed trees below!

1. Fox-Proof Tree

So, these people don’t have to worry about keeping their tree safe from cats. They have a fox to worry about. So, they created a dimensional traveling tree that looks like it’s going through and coming out of the ceiling at the same time. The fox seems amused.

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lokitheredfox Source: lokitheredfox

2. Vacuum Cleaner Guards

These vacuum cleaners are protecting the tree. The dog is afraid of them. So, this couple figured the vacuums would prevent the dog from eating their ornaments.

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graysonbc Source: graysonbc

3. Tree Less Tree

This is a real sad-looking tree. It’s worse than the Charlie Brown tree. Why have a tree at all? The cat looks pretty pissed about it but he’s still gonna stand next to it in case it happens to sprout branches and ornaments for him to mess with.

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jennthemermaid Source: jennthemermaid

4. Flat Tree

I’m not sure what this tree is made of. Whether it’s paper or felt. Either way, the cat doesn’t seem to be all that interested in destroying it.

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Shelly Davis Source: Shelly Davis

5. Ceiling Tree

Damn this tree doesn’t even have lights on it. It’s not even right side up. This cat has officially ruined Christmas.

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Barb Bessen Siegel Source: Barb Bessen Siegel

6. Wall Tree

You don’t have to forgo a Christmas tree if you have a naughty cat. This family has a nice-sized tree that is perfectly decorated. They’ve somehow managed to hang it from a wall.

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James Bridgeforth Source: James Bridgeforth

7. Chair Gate

This is a chair gate. It’s a gate made from chairs to prevent this dog from getting near the tree. I like how they covered it with a cloth to make it look… nicer?

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lgam07 Source: lgam07

8. Double Duty Tree

This tree is doing double duty. It’s both baby AND dog proof. This tree isn’t even on their radar.

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Happy Paws Fitness Studio Source: Happy Paws Fitness Studio

9. Vacuum Tree

So, this started out as a good idea. The cat doesn’t like the vaccum cleaner, so why not put the tree on it? But it looks like this cat is about to overcome his fear of the vaccum.

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coleandmarmalade Source: coleandmarmalade

10. Impressive

Honestly, this is really impressive. This tree is perfectly decorated. How the hell did they even do that?

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Cowybuga Source: Cowybuga

11. Lights Only

Here we have another “trimmed tree.” They only used lights and left off the ornaments. This kitty has a high jump so they couldn’t take any chances.

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Bill & Vicki T Source: Bill & Vicki T

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