Deer interrupts wedding photoshoot to eat bride's boquet

September 14th, 2019

Most people would agree that deer in general are a beautiful animal to see at least at a distance.

They too for the most part would rather keep their distance when it comes to humans. However we are about to discover that there are some exceptions to this.

No Need To Entice the Bride and Groom To Smile

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The wedding photographer had a wonderful idea to use nature as the backdrop for some of this couple’s wedding photos.

Except nobody was expecting to have a visitor such as this one that showed up.

It Wasn’t The Bride and Groom That The Deer Was Admiring

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Patrick Hellenga - YouTube Source: Patrick Hellenga - YouTube

This deer clearly had its eyes on the tasty looking bouquet.

A the bride and groom were showing their affection for each other the deer began to show its affection for the bride’s bouquet.

Going Back For More

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Patrick Hellenga - YouTube Source: Patrick Hellenga - YouTube

Obviously the first bite was delectable enough for the deer that it wants more.

The Bride and groom took the intrusion all in good form. In fact the bride was more than willing to throw the bouquet to the ground rather than the tradition of throwing it at the wedding reception.Reportedly she borrowed one of the bridesmaid’s bouquet to do the traditional toss.

The Uninvited Guest Was Not Disappointed With Its Wedding Feast

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Patrick Hellenga - YouTube Source: Patrick Hellenga - YouTube

Amazingly the laugher of the newlywed couple was not the least bit disturbing to the young deer.

After all, it got what it came for. Plus, the intrusion was not standing between the love of the newlyweds.

Later That Night

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

The bride and groom returned to the same spot and found that the deer had left them something.

It was one single rose from the bouquet.

Could This Be The Famous Jimmy The Deer?

Jimmy The Deer (Feb 14,2015)

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Jimmy_The Deer
YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Here is a baby no older than one years old that was posted on YouTube in Feb. 2015)

The video maker named the deer Jimmy. Stating that this little one was quite friendly and had been hanging out in the golf course quite a bit. He doesn’t indicate where the golf course is, however.

Jimmy The Deer (July 8, 2019)

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

This young deer was spotted at the Saugatuck Beach and believed to be Jimmy. But which one?

Deer Hangout at Saugatuck Beach

There have been lots of indicators that Saugatuck Beach is becoming a favorite hangout for the deer. So this makes it possible that more than one deer has been named “Jimmy”

Jimmy The Deer (Aug 26, 2019)

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Deer-Wedding_Crasher
YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

This “Jimmy” Is being dubbed as the Saugatuck sensation that is back in the headlines for crashing a wedding.

Are these Jimmys the same as the ones who feasted on the bouquet? That episode was posted on Sept 2019.

Could Jimmy Be In Danger of Being Tranquilized

Apparently the DNR thinks that all these sightings of Jimmy may be the same deer.

Department of Natural Resources is concerned that the deer is not acting like a normal deer. It has become too used to people. One of the options being considered is tranquilizing the deer and moving it to a more wild environment.

The worry is as the fall arrives the buck will become more territorial and could put people at risk.

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