This amazing contestant on the X-factor UK is full of self-doubt

August 13th, 2019

Life’s hard enough as it is, adding self-doubt to the mix can be recipe for disaster. The music business is already a cut-throat industry so confidence is key. Shows like the X factor, have produced a good amount of stars and helped them take their music to the next level.

When you’re a talented individual the last thing you can do is sell yourself short. There are already people out there who do that for you so believing in your abilities is crucial. See how this contestant from The X Factor UK (2018) impressed the judges but counted himself out before he gave himself a chance.

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See how this The X factor UK contestant blows the judges away, yet somehow is immediately disappointed with his performance.

Ricky John is a very talented singer and a new father from SW London, In 2018 he was a contestant on The X factor UK and made it through to the judges’ house to perform for Ayda Feild. He chose the song “When a Man Loves a Women” by Percy Sledge. His voice is smooth with a raspy edge to it and sounds wonderful. You can see in the judges’ faces that they like it but immediately after the music stops Ricky second-guesses himself saying:

“I’m not very happy with that, I need to believe in myself, thats the end of it.”

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After he doubted himself, the judges’ instantly took note of this immerging trend.

When Ricky’s performance ended the disappointment was palpable, not from the judges’, from Ricky himself. I guess sometimes you really are your own enemy.

The Judges took notice of this because Ricky had done this before. In the deliberation judge Ayda Feild said:

“I really like him, but every audition weve had, an excuse or self doubt.”

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Had he not been so hard on himself, who knows how far he could have made it.

Clearly, to make it through to the judges’ house you have to be very impressive. Confidence speaks volumes and is something that is important when trying to sell your brand.

Even though Ricky was hard on himself, the judges’ ultimately liked his performance one judge said:

“I feel like you have really cool tone and i feel like you have a lot of emotion, experiance and story you bring to the stage which i think is really important.”

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This cover of “When a Man Loves a Woman” is worth a watch, he absolutely nails it!

Although Ricky wasn’t happy with his performance, it was a beautifully sung version of the popular song. from Ricky’s Sensual yet gritty tone to the melodic harmony of the background singers. It’s definitely worth a view.

In the end, Ricky got cut from the competition. The crazy thing is, it wasn’t Ricky’s lack of musical ability that ended up being his downfall. It was his complete lack of confidence he exhibited after each performance. I think the big lesson in this is just to have confidence in whatever you do, it goes a long way!

See how this contestant on The X Factor UK was amazingly talented but full of self-doubt. Check out the video below!

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