1990’s Collectibles can be worth a lot of money if you know what to look for

April 9th, 2021

If you were fond of the 1990s, then you probably have a favorite toy, movie, band, or hobby from that era. Remember Beanie Babies, Harry Potter books, and the Furby?

But did you know that many classic toys, games, and other items from the ’90s are worth a pretty penny today?

Who would have guessed THESE classic ’90s items would be worth so much?

Here are some of the ’90s collectible items that are worth a lot of money.

1. Pink Splendor Barbie

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Mattel Source: Mattel

Barbie has delighted people of all ages since she was introduced in 1959 at the American Toy Fair.

Since then, Barbie has gone on to be a much sought-after collectible item. In fact, a Limited-Edition Pink Splendor Barbie from 1996 sold for $1,000 on eBay.

2. Beanie Babies

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Flickr – Housing Works Thrift Shop Source: Flickr – Housing Works Thrift Shop

Most Beanie Babies are not worth that much, but some can be worth quite a bit. This includes the 9-inch Peace Bear, which goes for $5,000 alone.

Pair it with the other Beanie Babies in the Peace collection, which includes the 15-inch Peace Bear, Ringo the Racoon, and Bones the Dog, and you could be looking at up to $159,000 in profit.

If you are the lucky owner of one of these classic plush toys, you could make a small fortune, as long as the tag is still attached.

3. Harry Potter books

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Wikimedia Common – Daderot Source: Wikimedia Common – Daderot

If you liked reading the popular Harry Potter series of books, then you might be in luck if you still have them.

It seems the books from the ’90s, specifically the first printing of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” are worth up to $55,000 for the British version. The American printing, known as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” could be worth up to $6,500.

4. Furby

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Pixabay – Alexas_Fotos Source: Pixabay – Alexas_Fotos

Creepy yet somehow magical to kids, the Furby was a favorite toy of many kids in the ’90s.

And while you might cringe coming across one today, if you own one, you might have a small fortune on your hands. In the past, Furbies have sold for almost $5,000, though most usually go for a few hundred dollars at most, with a 1998 First Edition Furby going for around $250.

5. Trading Game Cards

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Flickr – Timothy Tsui Source: Flickr – Timothy Tsui

Trading cards are available for all genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and cartoon series.

Magic the Gathering cards, in particular, can be worth a lot if they are in mint condition. The Black Lotus card, which was released in 1993, sold for an astounding $511,100.

6. Sky Dancers

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Bonanza Source: Bonanza

Popular in the mid-1990s, Sky Dancers launch into the air when a string is pulled and then spin around like a helicopter.

Sold around the globe, Japanese versions of the classic toy can bring as much as $200 each.

7. Ticket stubs

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Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures Source: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures

An item that you wouldn’t think would be worth anything is old ticket stubs, especially for concerts. As it turns out, there is a market for these old, already used items.

While most ticket stubs are worth only $10 or less, some, for more popular shows and legendary bands can get you hundreds of dollars. As with most things, an unused ticket stub, which hasn’t been torn in half and is in mint condition, will bring you more money from collectors.

8. Video games

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Flickr – Joe Haupt Source: Flickr – Joe Haupt

Around since the early ’70s, video games have become a favorite for players around the world.

Just as with most things considered classic, vintage video games can bring in a lot of dough. As an example, a sealed copy of Castlevania: Bloodlines fetched around $750. But you will most likely get about $340 if you have a copy to sell.

9. Music Posters

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Flickr – Wystan Source: Flickr – Wystan

If you were a big fan of music during the ’90s, then chances are you might actually have some old music posters from your favorite groups.

Posters from groups such as Nirvana can go for more than $350 if in mint condition. Even posters that are not in the best of shape can sometimes still fetch more than what you originally paid for them.

10. Polly Pocket

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Pixabay – BornAgainNickumz Source: Pixabay – BornAgainNickumz

Polly Pocket and accessories are another big seller when it comes to classic toys from the ’90s.

In many cases, Polly Pocket sets have sold for close to $100, with others selling for hundreds. This is mostly true for Polly Pocket sets released before 1998 when Mattel acquired Bluebird Toys, the original manufacturer of the toy line.

For more classic collectibles from the 90s and how much they are worth, check out the video below.

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