Business Insider/Rachel Gillett
Business Insider/Rachel Gillett

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If you are a frequent flyer, then you probably have a lot of tips and tricks to impart to the uneducated masses that do not fly very often. But there is another group of flyers who probably have even the most travel worn flyers beat. Who is that you ask? Why flight attendants of course.

Flight attendants spend over 80 hours in the skies each month. With that much experience under their belt, flying has become second nature to many flight attendants. Chances are, they know tricks that even the savviest of flyers have never thought of. In fact, their inside knowledge of how the airline industry works is second to none.

These tips and hacks range from the best way to pack to how to beat jet lag once you reach your destination. Here is a list of hacks that flight attendants around the world use when traveling on a daily basis.