If you take a long hard look around you, you’ll note that there’s a lot of people you have to thank for the lifestyle you lead, and one of the most notable are designers. They have been engineering the way you do things, from how you eat your breakfast in the morning to how you brush your teeth at night, for centuries now. At almost every point in your day, you are relying on a designer for something.

The beauty of design is that it is as interpretive as people are individual. The best of such designs serve some sort of multipurpose function, grab your attention in a way that you can’t ignore, or solve some problem that might be trivial but has still managed to annoy the hell out of you for decades.

No matter what side of the globe you live on or what tax bracket you fall in, we all have designers to thank for just about everything we use. Tools, clothes, purses, accessories, cooking equipment, houses, yards, etc. There is a brilliant designer behind nearly everything we touch. Here are 50 awesome products from genius designers that should be rewarded for their insane design skills!