With all of the varying possibilities of how an animal will look based on its DNA, there are some animals out there who without a doubt hit the genetic jackpot! Although the myriad colors that might show up in an animals fur, eyes, or skin are generally sought after, they are technically considered to be “genetic mutations“. While the word “mutation” generally implies that something went wrong, these gorgeous creatures are here to prove that mutations can actually be a wonderful thing.

Love those dogs with two different eye colors? How about the cat with the rare display of brilliant, exotic looking colors that can’t be found in their same-species counterparts? All of these things are a result of an animal’s genetic makeup.

Granted, just about every adorable animal out there is a result of these “mutations” and can be considered lucky in the realm of their DNA. There are some animals out there, however, that have physical features or characteristics that go far beyond the normal genetic deviation. Here are 45 animals who hit that genetic jackpot!