You can find anything on the internet these days. Any oddly specific thing you search for, there is probably about a thousand other people in this world who’ve searched with you. Even starting groups so everyone around the world can connect and share with one another.

Just like this one group on Reddit that was formed to focus solely on sharing things with misleading titles. With over 489k members in this online group called Not Always What You Think, they share weird, funny, and interesting pictures that, due to their optical illusion-like nature and misleading title, make you stop for a moment to investigate further.

In their description about the community they write,

Reddit Thumbnails that cause a unique optical illusion due to their small size, so when you open the images to full size, you’re in for a surprise!

So we’ve collected 35 of some of the best images with misleading titles for you to enjoy and take a closer look at.