Manufacturers are sneaky people. The simple truth is they’re out to make money, which is legitimate. But there are times when they do that in not-so-legitimate ways. Sometimes, that means adding buzzwords to their products that will make people pay more. It also means putting terms and conditions in a tiny text that they think we won’t notice. And unfortunately, it means flat-out lying to customers about the product they’re getting.

Companies have always looked for easy ways to make a buck. If customers will buy it, they’ll produce it — especially if it’s easy for them to make. After all, why focus on making better products if your audience will buy the old ones in new packaging?

But most consumers have realized that manufacturers aren’t always their friends. People are getting smarter about the way they shop. And because of that, those old tricks that companies use to convince them that they’re getting a better product aren’t cutting it.

So, watch out, companies. You can put things in brighter packaging but we weren’t born yesterday. At the end of the day, it’s up to them to deliver on what they promise.