Woman in socks twists around for the ultimate rock and roll dance

April 29th, 2021

Right before the pandemic took the swing out of our step, the 2020 Rock That Swing Festival took place in Munich, Germany.

It was the 15th international edition of the competition that, according to its website, “celebrates the diversity of the dances and music of the Swing and Rock’n’Roll era from the 20s to the 50s.”

During the 5-day event, 30 dance masters and 70 of the world’s best teachers came together to offer hundreds of workshops in Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Authentic Jazz, Rockabilly Jive, Blues, and more!

One woman continues to exemplify the genre – Tanya Georgiievska.

Jamboree Ball

Georgiievska – who often simply goes by “Tanya” teaches around the world with her long-time partner Sondre Olsen-Bye, and the duo was there to lead some workshops.

But on February 23, 2020, Tanya gave a solo performance during the event’s Jamboree Ball at at the Deutsches Theater in the city center of Munich. She called it “When He Isn’t Watching” and it was set to the tune of “Old Time Rock And Roll” – the classic (but remastered) Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band version, of course.

It’s safe to say that people missed these events during the pandemic because it has already been viewed on the “RockThatSwing” YouTube channel over 360,000 times since it was uploaded a month after the event.

Rocking Out

From those opening piano notes, you can’t help but get riled up. And as Tanya struts out onto the stage in a white button-down shirt and white athletic socks, we know exactly what she’s going for. She’s taking us back to the scene in “Risky Business” when Tom Cruise dances around the house, sliding around in his socks.

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YouTube - RockThatSwing Source: YouTube - RockThatSwing

And since we’ve only seen her in dance shoes, we immediately wondered what the performance was going to be like without them. But it turns out they only give her more of a chance to move her feet!

Do you think she’s ever “moonwalked” during a performance before?

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YouTube - RockThatSwing Source: YouTube - RockThatSwing

Just having fun

This routine is obviously a lot less formal than her partner dances, but that’s what makes it fun. And if the reactions to her video and Facebook photos are any indication, fans loved it.

“This was amazing. I have watched it so many times I think the screen on my computer is about worn out. You are so beautiful and this was just out of this world.”

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YouTube - RockThatSwing Source: YouTube - RockThatSwing

She sure looks like she’s having a blast as well!

“The best thing on YouTube”

While we all have our own ideas about what makes the perfect YouTube video, more than one viewer said this dance was the best thing they had ever seen on the platform.

And it really does have it all – catchy music, great dancing, and a fun-loving performer. It’s hard not to smile while watching her move.

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YouTube - RockThatSwing Source: YouTube - RockThatSwing

“This is the best video on YouTube. This is the best performance I’ve ever seen. Is she in some hall of fame?” asked a commenter.

Get up and dance

Frankly, we think the best thing about all of this fun energy is that it makes us want to get up and dance. And it just so happens to be good for you too.

Maybe we won’t look like Tanya when we do it, but that would be holding ourselves to an awfully high standard (after all, she can pull off a split!).

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YouTube - RockThatSwing Source: YouTube - RockThatSwing

She’s pretty great, isn’t she?

Be sure to scroll down below to see her in action.

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