Man notices stray dog curled on side of road – then sees litter of newborn kittens she’s keeping warm

December 2nd, 2019

Animals are compassionate and are full of love, that’s what this story is all about. It’s about Serenity, the dog who kept a litter of kittens warm.

This beautiful story is about a stray dog that was found keeping a litter of kittens. She was keeping them warm after being abandoned in the snow of Ontario, Canada.

Meet Serenity, the hero dog.

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The dog, who has been named Serenity by the kind shelter workers, was discovered protecting a litter of five kittens by the side of a road in Ontario, Canada, last month.

It has remained unclear whether the poor kittens were abandoned by their mother or were dumped by their owner. Nonetheless, the cold snowy climate in Canada isn’t the best place for these kittens.

Serenity found the kittens cold and scared and what she did melted the hearts of many. She kept them warm. She didn’t let these poor kittens freeze and she did all her best to keep them warm.

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Good thing that a passing motorist in Chatham-Kent, Ontario saw Serenity. She was curled up on the side of the road, protecting all 5 kittens.

Concerned, the Good Samaritan stopped and checked and to his surprise, he found not just a stray dog but a litter of 5-week old kittens.

Serenity’s actions proved that animals are full of compassion, love, and even the urge to protect. If she didn’t found the kittens, can you even imagine what had happened to them?

Instead of finding her own shelter, she curled up and kept them safe.

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At daytime temperatures in Chantham-Kent can average around 42º Fahrenheit or 7º Celsius. If not for this heroic dog, the kittens wouldn’t have survived.

After seeing the situation, the Good Samaritan didn’t waste any time. He immediately called the Pet and Wildlife Rescue.

In just a few minutes, Serenity and her beautiful kittens were saved.

At the shelter, they were kept warm, fed, and even checked. In their evaluation, they were all in good health aside from the flea and worm infestation of the kittens.

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Like a true mom, Serenity is still visiting her babies and still guarding them.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this pure soul?

Last November 19, 2019, Pet and Wildlife Rescue posted a sweet photo of Serenity and her kittens. The caption said,

“Our stray sweetheart is keeping her “babies” safe at the shelter tonight!”

The photo and even the story immediately went viral, today; this post has more than 1.1k shares and more than 300 comments.

In no time, Serenity has captured the hearts of many and all were amazed by her sweet gesture of pure love and concern.

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As an update, the beautiful kittens are now staying with a foster family. Once they are old enough, they can be adopted.

Right after Serenity’s story was uploaded in social media, many comments have showed interest to adopt her and even the cats as a whole family.

The love that this stray dog has shown to these kittens is one of the most beautiful, purest forms of love there is.

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Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue, Good News Network