Groomsmen Give The Gift of Hip-Hop In An Epic Dance

May 1st, 2019

The groomsmen at this wedding added their own special flare at the reception. It won’t be one that anyone will be forgetting any time soon.

They planned the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple.

It wasn’t the perfect bouquet of flowers.

It wasn’t a new set of engraved wine glasses from the couple’s wedding registry.

It was their own choreographed hip-hop dance performed by the groomsmen – and it was perfect.

The video of it, captured by Pinnacle Bridal and shared on YouTube, has received over three and a half million views. It isn’t just people who were there who are loving the dance. Everyone is!

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Arturo Lorde via YouTube Source: Arturo Lorde via YouTube

The Lead-Up

In the video that is taking the internet by storm, the best man is speaking to the room about how close he is to the groom and how great the couple is. He seems to be struggling for words a little as he expresses how amazing they are.

While it didn’t seem like the most prepared speech ever, everything seemed fairly ordinary for a wedding reception. It’s all going according to tradition at this point.

As he holds the microphone, another groomsman walks up, interrupts, and grabs the mic. He immediately starts making jokes about how he is the one who loves the couple more, and he makes a joke about having kissed the groom that has everyone in the room laughing.

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Arturo Lorde via YouTube Source: Arturo Lorde via YouTube

Then he quickly passes the microphone off to another who claims he has written a song just for the occasion. He starts singing a few lines of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” to upstage the previous two in showing his overenthusiastic love and appreciation for the couple. Somehow, we don’t think the lyrics he wrote were entirely his…

You know something is up by this point as a fourth groomsman walks into the open area to take the spotlight. This can’t all just be spur of the moment.

As all four stand there seemingly arguing, they loudly decide that the best way to decide who loves the couple more and who is the favorite is with a dance-off. Naturally, one of them asks the DJ to start.

And that’s when they begin to dance.

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Arturo Lorde via YouTube Source: Arturo Lorde via YouTube

The Stars of the Reception

The DJ starts off with a wedding classic – Stand by Me – but quickly moves on to a series of hip-hop hits including Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty and the Space Jam theme song. That’s when they really start to get moving.

They had obviously planned out their dance routine well in advance and it is fantastic.

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Arturo Lorde via YouTube Source: Arturo Lorde via YouTube

Their energy is contagious as the groomsmen show off their moves. Eventually, they have a few others join in, including the groom himself.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 groomsmen
Arturo Lorde via YouTube Source: Arturo Lorde via YouTube

How it All Began

The friends of the bride and groom had been thinking about what to get them that would be truly memorable, and that’s when they stumbled on the idea of dancing. It would be a gift to remember.

While it wasn’t the couple’s first dance, which is usually the most memorable dance of the evening, this hip-hop dance by the groomsmen is still one that will be hard to forget. It would actually be nearly impossible. These groomsmen really know how to liven up a room and get the party started.

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Source: Arturo Lorde via YouTube