Drill sergeant leads army in hilariously unusual song during march

January 12th, 2021

Military drill sergeants are known to be tough.

They keep their cadets in line and aren’t afraid to get vocal if need be.

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One of the most common drills that a soldier will take part in is marching.

We’ve probably all seen movies where this takes place.

There’s a long line of soldiers marching along to the cadence of their drill sergeant.

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Normally, you’d expect to hear pretty basic commands–like a “left, right, left” chant or something.

However, one drill sergeant has decided to mix his marching cadence up a bit.

Now, if you’ve ever been to summer camp or sung goofy songs as a kid, you may have come across the song “Baby Shark.”

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The song is simple enough.

Essentially, you start by singing “Baby Shark” and then follow it with “Do-do-do-do-da-do.”

You repeat this three times before moving on to the next member of the shark family.

Usually, people say “Mama Shark” next and then follow it with another round of “Do-do-do-do-da-do”

You can keep this song going for as long as you’d like–or until you run out of new types of shark relatives to say.

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For whatever reason, this drill sergeant decided that he wanted to use this song as his marching cadence for all of his cadets.

Maybe the guy has young kids, or maybe he just likes the song.

Either way, he gets a bunch of soldiers to sing along with him as he marches them around a courtyard.

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In the video below, you can watch as maybe one hundred cadets march shoulder to shoulder with their sergeant on the side of the train.

He’s not shy about his job, either.

The video comes in with the sergeant finishing up the last of his “left, right, left” commands.

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He yells out his final “Left!” and then moves right into yelling “Baby Shark.”

The marching cadets respond with “Do-do-do-do-da-do.”

If you’ve ever heard this song sung before, then I guarantee that this is the most aggressive form of it that you’ve ever heard.

But honestly, it’s pretty awesome.

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The sergeant continues his marching cadence with a few more “baby shark’s” before moving into “Mommy Shark!”

The cadets all respond as before, being sure to stay in line, keep the beat, and continue marching.

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The sergeant seems as though he’s going to march these soldiers for a while, so he has to come up with plenty of shark relatives to say.

He comes at them with a baby, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa shark.

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However, this still isn’t enough marching for the cadets so he keeps the song going after grandpa shark with a yell of “Let’s Go Hunt!”

The cadets continue on with heir normal “do-do-do-do-da-do” response.

The sergeant continues on with a few more fill-ins including, “Run Away!,” “Safe At Last!,” and “It’s The End!”

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At this point, the video stops but we really can’t be sure how much longer this drill sergeant kept his cadets marching for.

But if you had to march, I think doing it to “Baby Shark” is much more fun than a basic and boring chant.

Check out the video below to watch this drill sergeant yell a children’s song with his cadets and be sure to share it with a friend!

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