Young Boy Sings Amazing Cover Of Adele Hit

May 29th, 2020

Tryzdin Grubbs, began singing in the band Saint Mars, when he was only thirteen-years-old. This trajectory started when Tryzdin was a young boy from Ohio who loved to sing Adele songs. And then a video showing off his vocal skills went viral. That’s when his life changed forever.

This is that video.

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Tryzdin was eleven-years-old when he belted out a very soulful song that requires a ton of emotion and vocal range, and he nails it. Watching this video, you’ll be able to say, you knew him when.

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At the tender age of eleven, Tryzdin Grubbs, could match Adele’s vocal range with his own impressive bravado.

Grubbs hails from Ohio and has gone on to perform the song on television, including an appearance on Fox & Friends. His notoriety garnered him a recording contract, as he sings lead vocals for the UK band Saint Mars.

He got his start with Saint Mars singing vocals for a song about bullying on their album “Celesteville.” In an article for I Sing Mag, Tryzdin discusses how the song helped him through his own experience.

“It was really easy to identify with the song and to sing it with the right emotion and intensity. The lyrics reminded me of myself so much, and of my own experience with bullying.”

The first collaboration with the band, thirteen-year-old Tryzdin sang on the song, “Somewhere, Somebody.” His performance changed the way the band created music, and Tryzdin went on to sing numerous songs on the album. The band’s newest single is titled, “Pacific State,” and it features vocals by Tryzdin and raps by Alonestar.

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Tyzdin experienced how his song has helped others.

“Since the song has been released, I’ve received a lot of messages from people telling me how touched they were by the song and how it reflected certain aspects of their lives. This song provides a coping method for others.”

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On this viral video, Tryzdin sings Adelle’s mega hit, “Hello.” The song is the lead single off her chart topping album “25.” The song claimed the number one spot in. 36 countries. “Hello” has been a huge success for Adele, and a crowd favorite among fans and critics alike.

A review of “Hello” in The Independent says,

“Adele does what she does best, belting out emotional tales of love and … this time, with a little more self-forgiveness.”

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When Tryzdin closes out the song, he riff’s through some amazing highs and lows of his dynamic vocal range.

It’s quite beautiful to watch a young kid who can sing so skillfully. Tryzdin has a natural talent and he’s truly a diamond in the rough when it comes to singing.

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Youtubers are loving his talents.

“This kid is lit. His parents better be proud of him, this kid is going to be a huge star one day or tomorrow!”

Many comment about his nerve to perform in front of a crowd at such a young age.

“The boys got guts I couldn’t even do that.”

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You can see Tryzdin acting in the latest Saint Mars music video for their new single, “Pacific State.” The video has some amazing scenes that take place in a post-apocalyptic world, paying tribute to George Miller’s Mad Max series of movies.

It’s pretty cool to see the young kid from this video, now the star of his own music video.

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Check out the video and see how this rising talent got his start. He hits all the notes and sings the song as if he’d been singing professionally for years. Prepare to be wowed.

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