Mother’s Day Magic - A Mother And Daughter Are Reunited

May 16th, 2018

Every parent knows how difficult it is to say goodbye to their child. Whether it is their first day of kindergarten or the day they move out of their childhood home, saying goodbye is hard.

Now imagine if your child moved out of the country. For Tina, a mother of four from Sydney, Australia, her daughter Donna moving to the United States was one of the most heart-wrenching things ever.

An unlikely event

Unfortunately, Tina lives paycheck to paycheck working at a local grocery store. She takes any shift she can get to make ends meet. She cannot afford a flight to the U.S. or miss work. For the last year, Tina has not seen Donna.

Luckily, Donna is a fan of the radio show Kyle & Jackie O, on KIIS 1065. There is a segment called “Surprise Givebacks” and Donna decided this was her chance to do something for the woman who always did so much for her.

Help is on the way

“Surprise Givebacks” was created to aid listeners in achieving something they would not otherwise be able to do on their own. The hosts strive to make someone happy by surprising them. In this incident, they were very successful.

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KIIS 1065 via YouTube Source: KIIS 1065 via YouTube

One day, Tina was at work for her normal shift. She was going about her business as usual, bagging groceries, stocking shelves and assisting customers. Little did she know, a very special person was in the store to surprise her.

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KIIS 1065 via YouTube Source: KIIS 1065 via YouTube

Donna was already waiting in the cereal aisle. Tina was summoned to the aisle. She went with no suspicion; she was just expecting to help a customer.

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KIIS 1065 via YouTube Source: KIIS 1065 via YouTube

An amazing surprise!

At first, Tina passes Donna, whose back is turned to the cereal. At this moment, Tina has no idea just how close to her daughter she is. Donna finally says, “Excuse me, could you help me?” Tina turns ready to help and gets the best surprise a mother could ask for.

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KIIS 1065 via YouTube Source: KIIS 1065 via YouTube

There, looking into her eyes is the child she has not seen for a year. At first, she is speechless. For a long moment, Tina stands away from her daughter taking in the sight of her.

Next, they embrace for a long time and surely Tina wonders if she is dreaming. She weeps joyful tears and smiles ear to ear.

When Kyle and Jackie O asks her if she is surprised, she confirms she was very surprised and thanks them for making her Mother’s Day so special. They definitely made this woman’s Mother’s Day unforgettable.

The entire surprise was secretly videotaped, and the genuine happiness we see in both Tina and Donna is beautiful. It reminds us that a mother and her child have such a unique and special bond.

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KIIS 1065 via YouTube Source: KIIS 1065 via YouTube

Don’t forget your own mom!

No matter what day of the year it is, make sure you let your mother know just how special she is to you. No matter how far or close you live to your mom, let Tina’s joy and love serve as a reminder of just how much a mother cares for her children.

Mother’s don’t always need expensive gifts or heartfelt cards. A visit and a hug from those they love the most are all they really require.

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Source: Kathleen Shipman via Faithtap