Woman Cuts Off 2 Feet Of Hair

April 13th, 2018

Angela was 40-years-old and hadn’t had a new hairstyle in about 30 years. But after seeing photos of herself at her birthday party she decided she needed a big change.

She decided her long scraggly locks had to go.

So, she reached out to the best in the business to transform her look, Minneapolis-based hairstyle Christopher Hopkins, a.k.a. The Makeover Guy. With a name like that, she knew she was in good hands.

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“I need… I need some help,” she tells Hopkins.

“You need some paint,” he tells her.

Susan explains that she kept her hair long for years because her husband liked it long.

“But then it came to the point where I was shedding more than my dogs,” she explains. “I’m tired of it. I can’t do anything with it. I’m up for whatever.”

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She told Hopkins that she admired Robin Wright’s look in House of Cards.

“She said it. She wants it. Because people will be like ‘Why did you cut off all that beautiful hair!’ This will be great,” Hopkins said clapping his hands with excitement. “I get hate mail over it [cutting long hair off].”

Susan also explained that she has a friend who is transitioning and that she wants to donate her hair to her friend so she can make a wig.

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And as Hopkins chopped into Susan’s long locks she let out a sigh of relief.

“That feels so good,” she says. “I love it. Byeee.”

You could tell Susan was taken aback by her new short locks, especially when Hopkins handed her about two feet of her own hair.

“Yeah!” she said running her hands through it. “That is wonderful.”

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But that was just the beginning of Susan’s total transformation

“I would like to see what I can look like when someone who knows what they’re doing can help me out,” she explains.

“Because I’m clueless, I’m a tomboy. And I like to look good but I’m just not sure what to do.”

Well, it’s a good thing that Hopkins did.

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He chopped off all of Susan’s hair really short and turned it into a cute pixie cut.

He added some “paint” or hair dye and left her almost unrecognizable.

“I’m stunned I’ve never felt this beautiful in my life,” said Susan. “I was second-guessing my decision at first. I was excited to do it. You’re just always so excited to make a big change like this and it turned out so much better than I thought it could. So if you’re on the fence I couldn’t encourage you enough.”

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Susan was practically brought to tears when talking about her new look and how it made her feel.

This transformation is truly remarkable and Susan couldn’t be more happy with her decision.

Check out the video below to see Susan’s total transformation and her final look.

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Source: MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis