Woman Eats World's Stinkiest Fish, Then Things Escalate

September 18th, 2018

Most of us have eaten things on a dare, but at some point, you have to draw the line. Would you be willing to eat one of the stinkiest foods on the planet? One girl decided she was up for the challenge.

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She allowed a friend to record her eating Swedish sour herring, also called Surströmming.

In the video, she can be heard saying,

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to stick one of my utensils in this sh*t.”

The friends, Nick F, Simon C, and K-lee G, who make up Devonshire Idiot & Co, have eaten many strange things. Nothing compares to this though. She can barely open the can without barfing. In the video, she can be seen gagging as she opens the can.

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After a lot of panting, gagging, and cursing, she finally gets a tiny piece of fish in her mouth.

She chases it with some beer, but that’s not enough to get the taste out of her mouth. She vomits onto the floor while her friends record and laugh at a distance.

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Can it really be that bad? Well, some people actually like it.

Most people, however, have the same reaction as K-lee G. If you are wondering how something so gross came to be, the website Ateriet has the answer. According to the site,

“The fishing is made during spring, usually in April and May before the spawning takes place. First, the herring is gutted, and the head and guts are removed. Then the fish is salted and put in open containers and left to ferment in controlled temperature kept rooms. The temperature is about 15-20°C. The enzymes and bacteria create the smelly acids that the fish is known for during this process. In July the fish is fermented enough to be canned and this process is made through summer for the fish to be ready for consumption in the second half of August. The fermentation continues after the fish have been canned and it is not uncommon for the cans to bulge.”

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How about that smell? There’s a reason it’s so stinky and smells like rotten fish.

It’s because it’s actually rotten fish. The site adds,

“The smell is created by autolysis in the fermentation when the enzymes and bacteria create different acids that are where the smell comes from. Such acids are propionic acid, butyric acid, and acetic acid. Hydrogen sulfide more known as the smell of rotten eggs is also created and responsible for the smell.”

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Before you turn your nose up at it too hard, consider the reason it was made.

The history of this delicacy dates back to the 19th century. It was created to have a long shelf life so it could be eaten by soldiers and anyone who needed to have canned food over the winter. Ariet says,

“Due to the long shelf life of the fish, it became a popular staple for Swedish soldiers at the time. In the 19th-century food production techniques made canning an option for the surströmming and the herring could now be marketed all over Sweden. Before the herring had first been fermented in big barrels and later moved to smaller wooden barrels.”

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A lot of people felt like K-lee G was incredibly brave for attempting to eat the fish.

There were plenty of comments on the video.

One viewer said,

“This lady is easily one of the most hardcore people out there. The first person I’ve actually seen swallow Surströmming.”

Another viewer joked,

“Is this food for consumption or exorcism?”

It looks like it’s pretty tough to get down. The video won’t inspire anyone else to try this fish. Maybe it’s a delicacy that is better left for the Scandinavians. They must have some pretty strong stomachs if they actually enjoy this stuff. The video goes on to show you how different cultures treat food. What tastes good to one person may be absolutely disgusting to another.

Watch the hilarious attempt in the video below.

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