Weatherman Is 'Ambushed' By Dog On The Air, Steals The Show With His Response To It

August 10th, 2018

Tons of people rely on their local weather forecasters to give them the lowdown on how to plan their days. Catching the meteorologist’s segment before heading out to work or before bed is just as important as that fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

Weathermen and women have been known to be the jokesters of the newsroom, sometimes writing jokes into the forecast if there’s not a ton of extreme weather to report, or throwing in a funny costume for a holiday.

However, one morning on KPRC 2 in Houston, Texas, weatherman Khambrel Marshall had a surprise visitor come through his segment.

He hadn’t planned this exciting addition to his forecast, but he certainly handled it well!

After all, he is an award-winning journalist who knows how to deal with a little intrusion.

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There he was, minding his business when a fluffy canine came trotting into the shot. At first, he didn’t notice the four-legged companion sniffing around at his feet, looking perhaps for some treats or some mischief. It’s not until the pup gave an adorable shake that the weatherman finally realized that he wasn’t going to be flying solo that day.

Now, what’s a guy to do when he sees an adorable pup cross his path? Why he has no choice but to pick up the pooch for some snuggles.

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The dog is appropriately named Angel. He’s a shelter dog who was scheduled to appear on the next segment with the Houston Humane Society in order to raise awareness of animals like him who are in need of a loving forever home. But it seems that he knew how to win over the hearts of viewers better than the humans did.

Khambrel reacted to the forecast-crasher perfectly, and with great professionalism. He even listed some ways that pet owners can keep their fur babies safe, happy, and healthy in the extreme heat. “We wanna make sure you get a lot of clean water. Make sure you keep your pets inside,” he urged his viewers while cooing at the sweet pup in his arms. Both are great tips!

KPRC 2 later posted this photo of two cool dogs to their Instagram as an extra reminder for summer pet safety.

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These pups found the perfect place to cool off. How are you handling this weather?

Needless to say, Angel won over many hearts that day. He definitely did a good service for other animals like him in need of homes, cats and dogs alike. Angel is a perfect reminder to adopt, not shop if that is the right choice for your family.

When it was time for his segment, he’d already accumulated a fan base. Hopefully, his shenanigans inspired folks at home to consider heading down to the local shelter and seeing if a lifelong companion had been waiting for them to come along.

You never know when you’ll find the perfect pet, or rather when they will find you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Khambrel was tempted to bring his fleeting costar home with him! Just look at them together.

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While something as simple as watching the weather may be routine on most days, it’s surprises like this that turn it into a moment that leaves you smiling for hours. Thank you, Angel and Khambreal, for brightening everyone’s day, from Houston and beyond!

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