15 animals you'll barely be able to recognize without any hair

September 13th, 2019

Hair loss is one of the most devastating things a man or woman can go through. As soon as we see too much hair come out in the shower, we become an emotional mess.

Sometimes we forget that our animal friends can go bald too. Whether its due to disease, parasites, or some other infection, when they lose their feathers, fur, and hair, they look almost as sad as we do!

1) Hairless Penguin

This baby penguin’s mama rejected him after he was born without feathers. Staff at an the aquarium in Liaoning Province, China soon figured out that his lack of feathers was due to digestive issues and poor absorption of nutrients. As soon as he was put on a proper diet, his feathers grew back and he was able to get reacquainted with his family!

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DailyMail Source: DailyMail

2) Guinea Pig

These sweet little chubsters are actually hairless by design. This breed of guinea pig, known as the Skinny Pig, may have some a little bit of hair on their muzzles or their feet, but the rest of their body is totally smooth.

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Margaret's Hairless Pigs Source: Margaret's Hairless Pigs

3) Hairless Squirrel

Although intellectually we know that squirrels are rodents, we don’t really ever associate them with mice or rats because they’re so big and fluffy.

But, illness or mites can lead to them going bald, and when they look like this, it’s easy to see why they’re rodents.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

4) Bald Raccoon

At first glance it’s really hard to identify what this critter is! It’s not until you see him standing next to another raccoon that you can spot the family resemblance.

Those black ears and paws look crazy next to his baby-pink skin! It almost looks he accidentally dipped them in ink.

Hair loss in raccoon is sometimes caused by parasitic infections like mange or fungi.

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Imgur Source: Imgur

5) Who’s A Pretty Bird?

Awww, this is almost too sad to look at! Birds are so beautiful when hey have their feathers, but this poor little girl looks like roadkill waiting to happen.

Oscar, a female Moluccan cockatoo, looks this way because she suffered from a condition known as Beak and Feather Disease. She ended up plucking herself clean because her feathers irritated her too much.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

6) Bare Naked Hedgehog

Betty the hedgehog is just as cuddly and adorable with our without hair. She was rescued b the Foxy Lodge rescue center in the UK when she was just 6 weeks old.

Vets don’t know why she hasn’t been able to grow her, but she’s completely healthy otherwise.

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Great Yarmouth Mercury Source: Great Yarmouth Mercury

7) Skinny Bear

Bears are usually big and scary-looking, but not when they look like this. That face is freaking me out!

Delores the bear is just one of many bears that were afflicted with a sudden and mysterious hair loss at a German zoo. Experts think it might be due to a genetic defect.

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DailyMail Source: DailyMail

8) Hairless Rabbit

This bald rabbit looks like an old Chinese wizard! But, he’s just a baby, or was. When he was born back in 2009, the Internet fell in love with his bald-bunny style. But, after 3 months he grew his first coat of fur and stayed fluffy ever since.

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Teddytassen Source: Teddytassen

9) Hairless Syrian Hamster

That face! Those are the kind of cheeks that grandma’s love to pinch. I don’t know if this is an unusually chubby hamster, but if this is what they look like bald, then more of them should be this way.

Like their name implies, Hairless Syrian hamsters lack fur, and it’s because of their genes.

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MeMe Source: MeMe

10) Hairless Kangaroo

Oh my goodness, this is just too precious! This is Sabrina, a baby kangaroo who was abandoned her mama at Serengeti-Park zoo in Germany.

Baby kangaroos are already pretty dainty, but without hair to give her some girth it looks like you could accidentally break her just by touching her.

Kangaroos normally don’t grow hair until after they emerge from their mother’s protective pouch. She’s still young yet, and will grow hair as soon as she gets older.

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DailyMail Source: DailyMail

11) Hairless Baboon

Like a lot of the other baldies on this list, this female baboon was abandoned by her troop in he Zimbabwe countryside when they saw that she had no hair. A lack of hair can be seen a sign of disease or genetic defect, so this may be one reason why her family abandoned her.

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DailyMail Source: DailyMail

12) Hairless Wombat

Why hello there! Karmann is an orphaned baby wombat who was rescued from the pouch of her dying mother when she was just 3 months old. Like kangaroos, wombats are marsupials and they’re still underdeveloped when they’re in mama’s pouch. As soon as she gets older, she’ll start growing some hair.

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DailyMail Source: DailyMail

13) Hairless Dog

Dogs are a familiar sight to us, but it’s not all that often that we see one that has no hair. Usually a lack of hair in canines is due to things like mange or old age.

But, some breeds, like this Peruvian Hairless dog, are just meant to be hairless all their lives. These dogs are supposed to be great for people with allergies!

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Flickr/Terry Source: Flickr/Terry

14) Hairless Chimpanzee

Someone get this chimp a shirt! They’re supposed to be our closest relatives, and without hair on his body, he almost looks human.

He’s suffering from the dreaded alopecia, the same annoying hair loss condition that affects us.

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Flickr/Hrishikesh Premkumar Source: Flickr/Hrishikesh Premkumar

15) Hairless Rat

Most people don’t like rats even with hair, so seeing a hairless one might not be any more endearing to you. He’s not exactly cute, but he’s also probably not something out of your worst nightmare, either.

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Flickr/Chistina Beckerman Source: Flickr/Chistina Beckerman

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