Twins have precious reaction when daddy gets home

April 3rd, 2020

How often have you been at work missing your babies? It happens all the time, especially the first couple times you had to go back to work after having them.

Well your babies were missing you too!

Maritza Van Cott shows us how much her twin baby girls, Anabel and Lydia, were missing their dad while he was out. They certainly don’t seem bothered by his absence, but they’re just seven months old in the video. They’re still exploring the world around them, just taking it all in and putting things together slowly.

Weirdly enough, I don’t think they even knew they were missing him.

And then they begin to hear a sound at the door..

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Look at those cute, curious faces!

Babies have a really interesting and unique perspective on the world for the first stages of their life. They are still developing, and although they can hear and see and smell, they don’t have the frame of reference for understanding what the things they’re seeing are exactly!

That being said, they have an ability to recognise familiar faces and show preference for people!

Just look at their reaction once dad walks in the door!

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I love it. Their expressions go beyond just being adorable, they’re also hilarious. The babies are looking at their dad with wildly different expressions at first.

One is looking at him like he’s walking in the door with a bag of candy while the other is thinking that he might actually be an awe-inspiring angel.

Once they realise who it is walking in the door, they’re all smiles.

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Imagine walking into that scene of smiling, laughing, dancing babies.

Even better, they’re so excited because it’s YOU walking in the door! Absolutely heart melting. And it’s really nice to see that…

Their dad is equally excited to see them!

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Look at the smile BEAMING off of that guy!

It’s so heart warming to see love like that positively radiate off of a family, and today they’re still all smiles!

Those girls in the photo are the twins in the video just a little more grown up! And it looks like mum has just as big of a smile as dad does!

I’d say the world needs more dancing babies but lucky for us the internet exists and there are




Dancing babies are luckily really common, because the world is a beautiful place and dancing is built right into our instincts! Babies dance when they’re excited and they also dance to music at a very early age! Babies even find music and dancing more engaging than speech!

“We […] found that the better the children were able to synchronize their movements with the music, the more they smiled.” -Marcel Zentner

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These babies especially might be born to dance, considering their dad is a musician, and he’s been helping them write and play songs!

Music runs in the family!

To see the adorable video for yourself, you can click on the video below!

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