Toddler nearly dies after drinking too much cow’s milk, mom warns others

December 2nd, 2019

Anastacia Gencarelli is the mother of a 2-year-old named Mia in Ontario, Canada. When she recently took her daughter to the doctor, she thought it was simply a common cold. Or maybe a fixable ear infection at the very worst.

However, that was not the case.

Anastacia’s instinct kicked in and realized something much worse was going on when Mia continued to get worse, even with medication.

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She decided to rush Mia to the emergency room after realizing this and soon found that her daughter was not suffering from a cold — she had milk anemia.

Milk anemia is a super dangerous condition and the worst part is that most parents don’t even know about it.

Because of this, the mother took to Facebook in hopes of raising awareness to other parents so that the same mistake wouldn’t be made again. She went through the whole process of how it happened, explaining that it all started with what seemed like an ear infection at the time.

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“This started 4 weeks ago … my little girl was pulling at her ears and as someone who has always had infections i knew what that meant,” she wrote. “Off to the family dr we go … checks her out and sure enough double ear and chest infection. So 7 days of meds 3 times a day … fast forward 7 days and she is great, herself and happy …. for 5 days.”

Anastacia goes on to share that on day 6, her baby woke up super tired, not wanting to eat. They go back to the doctor who sends the child away with more meds and another 7 days go by — the antibiotics not working at all. This is when parental fear really kicks in.

“I am cuddling her on the couch and my mom instinct wont stop — look at hubby tell him get the car ready pack a bag lets go — off to emerg we go,” she continues.

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“An amazing nurse noticed dad walking very impatiently with our limp baby. She comes flying out saying ‘I dont care how long you have all been waiting, that baby comes with me.’ We didn’t do triage, we didn’t register, nurse kicked people out of a room for my daughter and as we rush in 6 nurses and 2 drs follow.”

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“They are all working on my little girl attaching heart monitors, blood pressure cuffs, everything you can think. They start trying to take blood and they can’t … it took 7 pokes just to get blood out of her. It took 4 pokes before they made the choice to put the IV into her femeral artery (the part between your leg and crotch) and if this wasn’t successful they were going to drill into her leg to her shin bone and implement the iv straight to her marrow.”

Now both parents are crying, and as they sit there in fear they learn that the child has lost most of the blood in her body with no external bleeding. She wasn’t making any new blood either.

** UPDATE AGAIN — since so many people are sharing bashing cows milk i am editing to add that ITS ALL MILK — it is…

Posted by Anastacia Gencarelli onThursday, November 7, 2019

This was milk anemia and it was because of too much cow’s milk. Most people know not to give their babies too much water and it’s the same with cow’s milk — too much of it will completely strip their blood of iron. No iron, no blood.

Two messages to take away from this story: 1. Stay away from too much cow’s milk and 2. Always follow your maternal instinct!

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