Todd Hoffman's Sound Of Silence Cover Stuns The Internet

December 12th, 2018

Todd Hoffman is many things. For one, he is one of the few men in the world who can rock a wizard’s beard without the ability to cast spells.

Locals in his home state, Oregon, know him as an entrepreneur who owns a small airport that he leases out to people with private jets. Let’s not forget the lesser known fact that he is a survivalist who has enough food stocked to feed 100 people for several years.

But, what the world really knows him for is his over the top personality on Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush.

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Gold Rush Todd via Facebook Source: Gold Rush Todd via Facebook

A Songbird with a Beard

When the show Gold Rush premiered in the year 2000, Todd didn’t know much about mining gold. Yet with every new season, his beard even longer, he surprisingly emerged as the pillar of the entire show.

Over time, the image of an adventurous man willing to risk his life in pursuit of the next load of gold starts to stick. Even in real life, It’s hard to change first impressions.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when Todd uploaded a cover of the song The Sound of Silence by the band Disturbed.

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Todd Hoffman via YouTube Source: Todd Hoffman via YouTube

The song is heavy on the pipes and isn’t an amateur’s first pick. Very few self-proclaimed singers can actually do the original justice. Yet Todd, with his scruffy look, standing before an animated screen, gives a performance that actually outdoes the original song.

All through the short clip you can see the real emotion on his face as he pours his heart out.

Not convinced? He has nearly 9 million views of his performance to prove it. To put that into perspective, his Youtube channel, Todd Hoffman, has been live since 2012. He’s uploaded a few videos and cover songs over the years, but no single one has had more than 1.8 million views. This single cover accounts for more than half his channel’s views since 2012.

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Gold Rush Todd via Facebook Source: Gold Rush Todd via Facebook


In February 2018, the Gold Rush show aired a live episode, much to everyone’s surprise. It’s on this episode that Todd first announced his departure from the show. Diehard fans were obviously not happy. Todd didn’t exactly say why he was leaving or what he’d be doing next.

So, when his cover of the Sound of Silence went viral, the internet went…crazy. Self-proclaimed experts came up with all these theories about how Todd was gearing up to start a new career in the line of music.

It’s not that hard to believe, right?

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Todd Hoffman via YouTube Source: Todd Hoffman via YouTube

Todd Hoffman’s Real Future

It has since emerged that Todd Hoffman and his close friend Jose Behar have founded a production company called ZUM Media. That doesn’t mean that Todd has lost his desire for gold. In fact, he wants more of it.

Using what he learned about production while on Gold Rush, Todd, as an executive producer, has been creating a new series called Greenhorn Gold.

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Todd Hoffman via YouTube Source: Todd Hoffman via YouTube

While Gold Rush was more of a reality TV show about miners going about their business, Greenhorn Gold follows the format of a competitive show. Here 40 rookie miners will battle it out in various elimination rounds until there are only six contestants left. The final six walk away with about $200,000 in prize money.

If Todd is half as good as he was on Gold Rush, then this should be a hit.

We’re still not ruling out a career in singing.

Listen to the performance yourself to find out why:

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Source: Todd Hoffman via YouTube