Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back, and their new tool show is guaranteed to make you laugh

November 3rd, 2020

The dynamic duo is returning to show time TV, and it’s guaranteed to be a wild ride.

If you construction gurus and tool junkies have been waiting for a new show, you’re in luck! Equally, if you just enjoyed assembling model cars, dollhouses, or lego sets, you might enjoy this show as well.

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This is happening 😎

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Tim Allen and Richard Karn make their return to the big stage to host a tool show called “Assembly Required.”

The competition is for people who love to get things done, and are skilled at working with their hands.

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The “Tool Time” pair will host the show on the History Channel, so you might want to check on your subscription now!

The announcement went viral in a matter of minutes.

The show will more than likely be a hit. The post that announced the new show was liked by almost 20,000 people in just a matter of minutes. This show should be one of the best new entertainment options in 2021.

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Let’s break down the competition.

Different builders, makers, construction workers, and mechanical geniuses will join in a group to try and fix household problems. It remains to be seen what the rules will be, who will be competing against who, what the prize will be, and so on.

We’re hoping for a special competition where Tim and Richard (Al) just make jokes while the competitors are in a serious duel for cash or a new home. That would make a hilarious show. Either way, the most frustrating thing is the unknown start date.

The premiere date will probably be sometime in 2021 because filming has already begun. Richard Karn mentioned on his Twitter page that filming the new show is awesome! We can’t wait, but unfortunately, that is what will have to be done.

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Now, you might not remember the original Home Improvement show with Richard and Tim Allen. They came together and formed the dynamic duo of Tim the Toolman Taylor and his legendary sidekick Al Borland. Their show was actually part of Tool Time, but not the show itself.

Mr. Tim Taylor always wanted to amp up the power. He wanted big projects while Al Borland actually did all of the work the right way. The two were a total trip together!

Tim Allen currently has his own show but Assembly Required will be better.

The most recent reuniting of the duo was on Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing. In this show, Tim plays the owner of an outdoor retail store, and Karn acted as a contractor taking on an expansion project.

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The new Assembly Required show will be their best work yet, though. They’ve had so many years to perfect their acting and hosting skills, making this show the perfect opportunity for them to blow up again. We can’t wait for this hilarious ride.

Now that you know about the announcement, all you need to do is keep up to date with the latest news, confirm your History Channel subscription, and be sure to re-watch any of the old Home Improvement episodes you can find on YouTube.

To see a snippet of the original Home Improvement show, click the video below and watch for yourself!

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