Teen loses both parents in car accident moments after they proudly watched him graduate high school

May 29th, 2020

Sometimes it is just a matter of seconds for the best day in someone’s life to turn into the worst nightmare one can imagine.

Unfortunately, for a Kentucky family, this was exactly what happened a couple of days ago. A joyous graduation turned into a tragedy after a car accident that killed two people.

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A few days ago, Dalton Barnett graduated from Fleming County High School and his whole family was there to cheer for him and celebrate together. His parents and his brother were his cheerleaders during the graduation ceremony and it sure was an emotional one.

Dalton’s mother, Nancy, even wore a T-shirt that read:

“Senior Mom: Some people wait their entire lives to meet their inspiration. I raised mine. Class of 2020.”

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When the ceremony was over, the family left the school and were heading home with the mother driving the family car. At some point, for reasons that to this moment remain unknown, the car collided with a pickup car in Flemingsburg.

When the Kentucky State Police and ambulances arrived at the crash scene, they found the driver, Nancy Barnett, 53, dead. Her husband, Lyndon Barnett, 56, died some time later at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington. In the backseat were their sons Dalton, 18, and Michael, 26, who were injured.

The two surviving passengers were transferred to the hospital where they are being treated for their injuries. The driver and passenger of the pickup truck were uninjured.

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The Fleming County High School principal, Stephanie Emmons, posted on Facebook about the tragic incident, inviting everyone to have the family in their prayers as they are trying to heal.

“Please continue to uplift this family through your thoughts and prayers during this time,” read part of the announcement.

Talking about the family and the strong bonds that connected them, Emmons and Fleming County schools Superintendent Brian Creasman said:

“This speaks volumes to the kind of mother Nancy was and to the Barnetts and how proud they were of their family. We will be here to support Dalton and his brother as they face the difficult times ahead.”

A man who seemed to be close to the family, especially Michael Barnett, started a fundraiser in order to support the family in this critical time. His GoFundMe has already collected more than $7,500 in just a couple of days. People are donating and hoping for the best for the brothers that were left behind.

“I believe they need help through this difficult time. Many prayers!” someone wrote.

The whole story has broken the hearts of thousands of people who are realizing that it is really too easy for anyone’s life to turn upside down in just a couple of minutes.

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“Prayers for the family and friends in the loss of the parents. God keep the children safe and heal them. God wrap your arms around the children,” someone wrote, while another one highlighted the irony that accompanied the incident: “Such a terrible thing for what was a joyous occasion..”

This saddening event comes to remind us that we will not live forever and that we should make the most of our lives as long as we are here, enjoying the moments with our loved ones and trying to live them to the fullest.

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Source: Fox5, GoFundMe, Facebook