Ever since the pandemic hit us, people have really gotten in touch with their creative side. While being stuck at home with schools and work closed, many of us found ourselves doing projects to keep ourselves occupied. 14-year-old Macaire Everett decided that she wanted to make chalk drawings incorporating her little brother Cam (short for Camden).

“And we had all this chalk sitting in the garage that we weren’t using, so I pulled it out and said, ‘Cam, we are going to do a chalk drawing. I’m going to draw some balloons and you will be holding on them,'” Macaire recalled.

At first, she wanted to do a drawing a day until school started – but since that never happened, the art project continued for 100 days.

“Without Camden, it’s a drawing. With Camden it’s art,” she said.

Her project went to Instagram and it’s titled “Macaire’s Muse” — take a look at some of her incredible work in the following slides.