Teacher's Viral Post About Pay Leads To Viral Debate

April 9th, 2018

It’s pretty common knowledge that teachers are underpaid.

They take care of our children for most of the day, teach them important things, and spend a lot of time preparing them for life. While many parents are exhausted after caring for a couple children all day, teachers have to deal with a lot more of them. Do you ever just wonder how they even do it?

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Beth Wallis Source: Beth Wallis

One teacher wanted everyone to know how much work, love, and time teachers put into their students.

To them, teaching is more than just a job, but that doesn’t mean they can go without pay. The fact that they care so much and do so much should prove how much they are worth. Beth Wallis posted a heartfelt message about the issue on Facebook, and it didn’t take it long to go viral. She explained how one of her students passed away and how deeply it affected her.

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She posted:

“This is the third student of mine in four years that has passed, and it never gets easier. We love these children, we care for them, we will protect them with our bodies from bullets and tornados. We watch every school shooting go by, wondering if our district will be next; wondering if we’d be able to save them all before inevitably getting shot ourselves. We wipe their noses and dry their tears. We hold their hands and do everything we can to make sure they grow up to be strong, successful adults. We stay after school for hours listening to middle and high schoolers crying over their parents’ divorces or identity struggles, taking on the roles as therapist and advocate. We truly, genuinely, and deeply care for their happiness and wellbeing.”

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Beth Wallis Source: Beth Wallis

She went on to explain that all teachers and students are under a lot of pressure and stress.

The classrooms are overcrowded, and the staff is underpaid. This doesn’t make for a good learning situation for children. She continued:

“If you think this is about greedy Oklahoma teachers who drive Mercedes-Benzes and just put a down payment on a summer home, you’re dead wrong. Our students don’t have BOOKS, guys. Our classrooms are sitting 30 deep and my district has it MADE compared to any of the major public schools in the state (40-50 students per class). We had over 1,800 emergency certifications this last year in the state. You think your kids are being taught by the most qualified, experienced teachers? They’re gone. The few of us who’ve stayed behind do it ONLY for the kids. Oklahoma kids DESERVE quality, compassionate education and I will provide that as long as I am able … but that’s not going to be forever. What if I were ever to want kids of my own? I can’t even afford an extra gas bill, much less provide for a child. I’m nearly 30 with a master’s degree and still live in a rent house with a roommate in a state with one of the lowest cost-of-living in the country and I will never be able to afford an actual mortgage if I stay here.


“We are professionals. We are trained, educated, hardworking professionals who deserve to be paid for the work we do. We’re expected to work before and after our contracted hours every single day to get our grades in and plan for quality instruction, but most of us pray that our car can run off fumes just one more day? We’re expected to take bullets for students but most of us can barely make rent?”

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Beth Wallis Source: Beth Wallis

Most people don’t seem to understand that teachers are fighting a losing battle.

They aren’t making much money to start with and many of them put what they do make right back into their classrooms. They end up buying supplies and books that their students need because they simply have no other choice.

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Beth Wallis Source: Beth Wallis

In the end, these teachers aren’t trying to be millionaires; they just want to be paid like professionals and get a little respect.

They deserve to have the support of their communities and the world. After all, they are preparing our kids for life and going above and beyond just teaching.

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With the imminent threat of a statewide teacher walk-out on the way in Oklahoma, let me take the time to let everyone…

Posted by Beth Wallis onMonday, March 5, 2018

Sources: Upworthy, Facebook/ Beth Wallis