Couple creates spacious tiny home

September 6th, 2019

DIY Tiny Houses Are Trending, But Few Turn Out as Spacious As This One

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The owners of this DIY tiny house built it entirely themselves but are honest about the challenges that come with it.

The Size

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The house itself is 10 meters long by 3 meters wide

Making the house longer as opposed to depending on width is what has made this tiny house so spacious.

Living Off the Grid

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What makes this living environment even more impressive is how kind it is to the environment

There is no electricity used at all. This DIY tiny house is powered through solar power, and cooking is done with gas. Presently they are only consuming about 15% of the battery stored power.

Water Is Recycled

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Rainwater is the main water source

With no access to water, the home occupants rely totally on rainwater that is filtered for washing and doing dishes. Then this used water is recycled for outdoor use such as tending to the gardens.

A Multi-Use Bathroom

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This bathroom is bigger than some apartment-sized bathrooms

The bathroom has a compost toilet and a double sink. Plus, it doubles as a dressing room. Closets store all of the clothing of the owners.

The Kitchen

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More Space Than Needed

How one could possibly say they have more cupboard space than they need in a DIY tiny house is mind-boggling. But that is exactly what these homeowners say. All of the cabinets are free-standing, and the couple were very creative at their downsizing.

The Little But Important Things

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The owners gave some careful thought as to what what was going to be important for them.

For them, a priority was to have a comfortable lounge area which included enough space for a comfy couch.

Then for their two dogs, they wanted them to feel comfortable as well. To assist with this, they have their own special sleeping area.

The Illusion of Space

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Their plans were to bring the outdoors in.

They were very successful at achieving this with a full section of glass folding doors.

Then the large spacious deck acts as an extension of their indoor living space.

Heating and Cooling

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These are two important aspects of any home, even the tiny ones.

Here the home is cooled with ceiling fans. For cool winter weather, they are kept warm and comfortable with a small wood-burning stove.

Planning For the Future

The couple have grown children, and they wanted to be sure they would be able to entertain them in their new small home. They kept this in mind when designing the home.

Small Touches

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Working On The Landscaping

While they are through with the major building of the home, they say they are still making small changes as the need arises. They also want to put more work in the landscaping of the area around the home.

The Impressive Aspects

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This DIY tiny house lacks nothing

Although there have been some amazing DIY houses built by many people, what stands out most about this one is the amount of space. It is not cramped, and when looking at it carefully, it can be seen that there is still plenty of unused wall space.

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Source: Living Big In A Tiny House