This Shy Young Man Looks So Great With His New Makeover

April 15th, 2019

No matter who you are, staying in shape is not the easiest thing to do.

If you monitor your diet pretty closely and you get regular exercise, it may not be too difficult to manage your body at whatever state it’s currently at. Still, if you work an office job or you have a lot of weight you’re trying to lose, this can be a lot more difficult. It’s for those reasons and others that dramatic weight loss stories catch our eye so much. It requires so much discipline and willpower to make a positive change in your life, and whenever it happens it’s worth celebrating.

This story is certainly one of those times.

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Although it took time, a boy named Phoenix from Minnesota lost nearly 100 pounds in a few years.

He said that he did it by changing his diet, following his macros and exercising every day. Needless to say, his transformation was definitely dramatic! Although Phoenix is a lot more confident about himself these days, his family and friends still thought that there might be room to transform his appearance just a little bit more.

As a result of all that, Phoenix found himself in the chair of the Minneapolis Makeover Guy!

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Makeover Guy (real name Christopher Hopkins) is a makeover guru who runs his own YouTube channel.

On his channel, young men and women typically come in to get a fancier haircut and styling and leave feeling like a million bucks. In the case of Phoenix, his hair was healthy and bright but it was very long. Originally, his long locks ran all the way down to his shoulders in long flowing waves. After a brief interview, Phoenix said that he wasn’t particularly scared of anything and was ready to get his haircut.

Still, he wasn’t ready for the transformation he was about to have!

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The Makeover Guy took a ton of hair off the sides and the top… but the final result was pretty incredible!

At first, Phoenix was a little bit unsure about his new look. Although he definitely liked it, there was something that was a little too neat about it. After a few moments of mussing it around, they both found a look that made them both so proud! At the end of everything, the before and after footage is intercut with Phoenix describing himself before the makeover. Before getting started, Phoenix said that he was pretty shy and introverted in general.

Still, it’s clear that his new haircut is going to let him shine in the world!

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Although this haircut is a particularly awesome transformation, it’s far from the only makeover video that he has on his channel.

One of the channel’s most popular videos centers on a middle-aged woman named Kerry with longer, dyed hair. Like many older women, her hair was requiring a lot of maintenance and coloring to make sure it stayed as up to date and fresh as possible. Though he initial instinct was to hide her greying hair color, the Makeover Guy had the exact opposite impulse. Instead of trying to hide that grey color, he wanted to highlight it. And to do so, he had to cut almost all of her hair off!

Still, the results she got were incredible.

Though it goes without saying, the Makeover Guy does great work with all of his clients no matter how old they are.

While it might be easy to write off a makeover as just another cosmetic change, the truth is that it can be so much more than that. It’s definitely true that a new shirt or a haircut can’t make up for us not having a fully developed personality, let’s say. Still, sometimes livening up our outer appearance makes our inside match our outside that much better. If you’re into makeovers in general, definitely check this channel out for some incredible transformations.

Congratulations to Phoenix on his new look! Check out the full video below:

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