Dog Sees The Beach And His Reaction Is So Emotional

October 7th, 2018

Watch this formerly homeless German Shepherd’s best day on his way to his forever home!

From a life stuck on a chain to one full of bear hugs, this loving pooch deserves the best after what he has been through.

Meet Herschel, a five-year-old German Shepherd. He looks like a teddy bear, is extremely cuddly, and for the first time in his life, he has a reason to smile.

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Rocky Kanaka Source: Rocky Kanaka

Big dogs like Herschel, especially with a history of neglect often struggle to get adopted because they can come off as aggressive or overwhelming. Thankfully, Hershel had some pretty awesome people on his side.

Herschel also called Bear, has been adopted and surrendered back not once but twice and according to Dog’s Day Out’s Rocky Kanaka.

The second time he was dumped in a backyard with a bunch of food that left him with some excess weight. Big breeds like German Shepherds can suffer from serious health problems from excessive weight.

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Rocky Kanaka Source: Rocky Kanaka

Chained up and neglected in a backyard for much of his life, his teeth were whittled down from constant gnawing on the chains that held him captive. He really needed a chance at a better life.

Forming the perfect partnership to find his forever home

When he was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals he caught his lucky break. They got him the medical and grooming attention he needed, but another obstacle remained to get him adopted,

Herschel is a 5-year-old dog, not a puppy, with weight was close to 110 pounds, and due to him being chained for most of his life, he lacked a few basic social skills that a dog his age and weight should have.

But despite the odds, good news was to follow. Michelson Found Animals contacted Rocky Kanaka, an Emmy-nominated television host and pet rescue advocate. After the immediate connection he had with Herschel he decided to help in a special way: by giving Herschel the best “Dog’s Day Out” to soften the image that big dogs like him usually have and to give him a day he so incredibly deserved.

“Dog’s Day Out”

One Dog. One Day. One Mission”

Dog’s Day Out is a new YouTube show that helps hard-to-adopt rescue dogs find a forever home, and in the process treat the pooches to their “best day ever” filled with fun doggie activities most canines could only dream of.

Free Bear hugs for our lovable Bear

First, they spent the morning in “Big Bear” where he got to see snow for the first time, and as you can see he couldn’t get enough of it.

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Rocky Kanaka Source: Rocky Kanaka

After his winter wonderland, Herschel spent part of the day offering free bear hugs. He and three other stuffed teddy bears stood by signs, welcoming anyone who wanted an embrace.

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Rocky Kanaka Source: Rocky Kanaka

While on the road from Los Angeles to meet his new mom, Kanaka took Herschel to see the ocean. Before they even entered the beach, Herschel started howling and barking in sheer excitement and joy at seeing the water for the first time.

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Rocky Kanaka via YouTube Source: Rocky Kanaka via YouTube

When this dog sees the beach it’s hard to watch and not shed a tear.

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Rocky Kanaka via YouTube Source: Rocky Kanaka via YouTube

After meeting this lovable pup his new mom said:

“I know Herschel has a lot of fans, and I just want to assure everybody that he will never see a chain ever again in his life. He will never be tethered. There will never be a day without love.”

Now, that’s a life every dog deserves.

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Rocky Kanaka via YouTube Source: Rocky Kanaka via YouTube

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Source: DogsDayOut via YouTube