Puppy Brother Gently Comforts Sick Sister At The Vet

September 2nd, 2018

When you’re sick, there’s nothing better than having loved ones by your side to comfort you. When you’re little, Mom, Dad, or a big sibling was there to tuck you under warm blankets and bring you ginger ale and saltines.

It’s something that, when you’re older, you might not have anymore. You sometimes even have to go to work when you’re not feeling your best. If you’re a parent, there are no sick days! So, the memory of having someone there to take care of you is one that brings that warm and fuzzy feeling to your bones. It’s almost like their love and attention was as helpful as medicine and hydration.

When one little pup in Cairo, Egypt, was sick, she needed family there to comfort her.

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Suffering from a virus called parvovirus, this little shepherd was in a lot of discomfort. Her brother had also contracted the virus but had since made a full recovery. It was now his job to make sure that his sister had the support to fight through the virus as well.

The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells in the dog’s body, causing it to spread quickly. It mainly affects the intestines, causing severe diarrhea. Other symptoms include lethargy, loss of appetite, and severe vomiting. If the pup is young and the virus gets really bad, it can attack the white blood cells and cause lifelong cardiovascular damage.

This is one of the things that puppies normally get vaccinated for when they make their early trips to the vet’s office.

While it’s unclear how the pups ended up at the vet’s office, it’s well-known that the stray dog situation in Egypt is quite out of control. There are tons of dogs living without medical care or a source of food out on the streets. There are also countless stray cats that wander the streets of Egypt.

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It has become an issue worth debate within the country. There have been instances of mass cat poisonings, and even one stabbing of a dog. Organizations such as the Erhamo organization have encouraged people to volunteer their time to feeding and providing water for these starving and sometimes sick animals.

Of course, a bigger, more long-term solution should be found. But in the meantime, kind people who adopt these street animals and take them to the vet are doing what they can to remedy the situation.

If you ever had any doubt about whether or not dogs can have real emotions, this video will give you your final answer.

While she’s hooked up to an IV drip, looking quite ill, her brother lovingly cuddles her and gently puts his paws on top of her head as if to say,

“it’s all going to be ok.”

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Apparently, once the male pup had made a recovery from the virus, he started to act nervous and emotional, as if he was looking for something – or someone.

So, he was re-joined with his sister, and the cuddling ensued.

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It’s reported that the female pup eventually made a full recovery as well. Looks like all that cuddling paid off!

With over 600,000 views, this sweet video has garnered a lot of attention. The top comment on the Facebook video reads,

“What is really sad is that these creatures are called animals but yet they have the most loving hearts and are faithful till the end. Makes you wonder who the true animals are? Humans is my thought!”

See the heartwarming video below.

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Puppy Brother Comforts Sister with Parvo

A veterinarian witnessed this touching moment between sibling puppies as they both were being treated for Parvo. Both puppies made a full recovery. Sibling love right there <3

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