Pottery Barn Releases Adorable 'Harry Potter' Line

September 7th, 2018

Since last year, households across America have been converting their homes in Harry Potter shrines thanks to Pottery Barn’s Harry Potter collection.

And it’s pretty incredible.

It’s literally every Harry Potter fan’s dream. We basically just walked into the nearest Pottery Barn and handed them our wallets.

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Pottery Barn Source: Pottery Barn

And it looks like we’re going to have to do that again because they just added a bunch of new stuff to their line.

And it’s pretty major.

They’ve got furniture, decor, stuff for your dinner table, and bean bags. You can even shop by Hogwarts House and choose from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff.

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Pottery Barn Source: Pottery Barn

The Harry Potter home collection has more than 100 pieces which are available from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PBteen, and Williams Sonoma, according to PopSugar.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Harry Potter franchise and embark on a new chapter that includes Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids,” said Jennifer Kellor, president of Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen, in a press release. “Last year’s PBteen Harry Potter Collection gave our customers the ability to bring home special, one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the Harry Potter films, and this year we’ve expanded into new designs and product offerings inspired by the beloved world.”

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Pottery Barn Source: Pottery Barn

Have you always wanted to dine in The Great Hall?

Well, you can… sort of.

These Harry Potter themed plate settings and glasses and Golden Snitch jars can help you pretend.

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Pottery Barn Source: Pottery Barn

Do you make magic when you’re in the kitchen?

You can start with these Harry Potter spatulas and pretend they are magic wands.

Top it off with a Hogwarts House apron.

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Pottery Barn Source: Pottery Barn

Cozy up in a comfy beanbag chair. Pick one from your favorite Hogwarts House. You can also choose from a Golden Snitch or Hedwig the owl.

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PBTeen Source: PBTeen

This Dealthy Hallows Mirror is giving me life.

As is this Time Turner clock.

We wouldn’t mind being on the computer all day if we could use this Harry Potter Lap Desk.

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PB Teen Source: PB Teen

Some of these items, like the Hedwig side table, are bit higher end.

That side table will run you $349.

But there is something for every budget in this super cool collection. Like the Harry Potter storybook sheet set which runs between $18.50 and $129.

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Pottery Barn Kids Source: Pottery Barn Kids

You can turn yourself into a Gryffindor or Slytherin with the Hogwarts House frames that will run you $34.

One of our absolute favorite pieces has to be the Buckbeak plush rocker.

It’s just too freaking cute! But don’t take it from us. Check out Pottery Barn’s website here and see for yourself.

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Source: PopSugar