Man Has Dinner With His Future Mother-In-Law, Then She Uncovers 20 Year Secret

January 18th, 2018

There are some couple’s who know they’re meant to be together, others who believe that they were destined to be together and then there is Ed and Heidi Savitt.

The young couple first met in 2011, back when they were both students at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Ed had moved into a student house that Heidi had previously occupied, and he needed help with the dryer, so he texted Heidi to see how to get it to work. Since that fateful text was sent, they became inseparable, and eventually, their courtship led to wedding bells. They got married this past summer, at the young age of 26.

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However, their story had only just begun.

Apparently, when Heidi’s mom, Kay Parker, first met Ed, she got a suspicious sensation that she knew him somehow. There was something about him that she just couldn’t put her finger on, and try as she might, she couldn’t figure out what that thing was. She wanted to get to the bottom of it, so she decided to put out her feelers.

At a dinner party in which Ed’s mom, Fiona, was also attending, Kay decided to mention in passing a story about a family sailing trip to Turkey when Heidi was just 6. Heidi had a cute “holiday boyfriend,” Kay recalled, one whose name also happened to be Ed. “The two cuties played together and held hands during the entire two-week break in Turkey!” she exclaimed! Though Fiona did agree that it was a coincidence and even smashed her wineglass at the name thing, she didn’t give it much thought for the rest of the night. Kay, however, did, and when she got home, she decided she was going to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

The next day, Kay went digging in the attic for old photographs of Heidi. In her stack of Heidi photos, she found something she would never have expected: a photo of Heidi and Ed taken 20 years earlier. Kay showed Heidi, who had forgotten about her childhood romance (as most children do), what she’d uncovered, and Heidi’s eyes went wide with surprise.

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Standing next to her was six-year-old Ed, and his face was still recognizable even with his adorably unfashionable bowl haircut. Heidi told the Daily Mail:

“I was screaming, it was just unreal. It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.”

And when Kay showed Fiona what she’d found, the groom’s mother shrieked and yelled, “Oh my goodness, that’s Ed!”

Heidi, who never put much stock in fate, has since changed her stance. As evidenced by the photograph, taken 20 years earlier, it became clear to Heidi that fate must have worked its magic and brought her and Ed together.

Kay believes that when Heidi and Ed met all those years later at the university, they must have somehow realized that they had met before and that they shared an incredible experience together, which she believes is what likely drove them together. Heidi agrees, and she says that the moment she met Ed, she knew he was the one.

Heidi and Ed’s incredible story proves that fate has a way of bringing people together, even if it does take 20 years to do so.

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