Someone Regrets Buying 'Grow In Water' Toy At Goodwill

July 12th, 2018

Adventures into second-hand stores like Goodwill are always sure to yield a strange throwback of some kind.

Whether it be a weird appliance you will have to investigate via a deep google search or some flashback outfit from your teens (Hello headbands and leg warmers)!

There’s always a good find hiding tucked away on a shelf or in a bin somewhere.

The best part of these crazy vintage, bargain-hunting misadventures though is when you find something from your childhood. Especially if it works.

This is what happened for Tumblr user, iguanamouth, who happened upon an expired grow-in-water toy at Goodwill, and just HAD to see what would come out of the egg.

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Tumblr/iguanamouth Source: Tumblr/iguanamouth

She seemed to seriously doubt that it would yield the same fugly baby depicted on the packaging, and can you blame her?

These types of toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they don’t always turn out exactly as hoped for.

They are made of a super-absorbent polymer that got its start in the early 70’s and can hold up to 5 times its weight in water.

The curious shopper took the toy home and dropped it in water, and waited to see what would grow.

Of course, the curious researcher was doing all of this in the name of science, so thankfully she provided pictures at different intervals in the growing period, with some pretty hilarious commentary.

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Tumblr/iguanamouth Source: Tumblr/iguanamouth

At 9 hours in, iguanamouth saw the first sign of growth.

The egg actually had a crack in it, and it looked surprisingly REAL!

Our casual scientist could hardly contain her excitement when she posted the progress and the comments started rolling in, but what began to emerge from the egg was freaky!

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Tumblr/iguanamouth Source: Tumblr/iguanamouth

After soaking in the water for 23 hours, it was beginning to look like one of her commentators was right;

This thing might actually turn out to be a turd! It wasn’t looking good.

Too curious to wait any longer, iguanamouth decided to go ahead and break the egg completely open. What she found inside was just wrong!

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Tumblr/iguanamouth Source: Tumblr/iguanamouth

Looking more like some strange alien spawn with a birth defect, this creature is just UNGODLY!

When reposted on Twitter, many commentators were completely grossed out!

As the “baby” was broken from its shell, it only got worse!

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Tumblr/iguanamouth Source: Tumblr/iguanamouth

More comments populated the feed.

One tweeter’s comparison of the unsightly egg baby to a cross between a toxified zombie and Buddha hit the nail right on the head!

Pretty darn accurate, right?! This toy should have come with a warning:

The resulting product may be considered unnerving for young consumers, caution and parental guidance STRONGLY recommended!

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Tumblr/iguanamouth Source: Tumblr/iguanamouth

UGH! Is that not the creepiest thing that you have ever seen?!

After the full reveal, commenters went crazy, and some of them were pretty damn funny!

One unfortunate soul was reminded of himself (though I’m sure he meant this jokingly….I hope) when he saw the disgusting little blob.

Funnily enough, several people drew comparisons between the ugly grow baby and the President.

Needless to say, you really shouldn’t bring home every curious thing from Goodwill, no matter how exciting it seems.

H/T: boredpanda