50 People That Exacted The Most Epic And Savage Revenge On Their Cheating Ex-Lovers

January 31st, 2019

In the day and age of private social media accounts, instant image-sharing, and all-access passes to images of hormone-driven men and women looking for a hook-up with any willing participant, just about everyone at some time or another has had to deal with the pain left behind by their cheating exes. Rather than mope about it, many people have decided to get the most epically savage revenge o their exes.

While someone taking out revenge on an ex-partner isn’t exactly unusual, most people simply do their best to accept the reality of the situation and either address the problems and rebuild the foundation of the relationship, or part ways and move on.

Others, however, are so scorned and filled with rage that simply “moving on” is not an option…at least not until they have satisfied their need to pay their cheating exes back for the slight they have dealt.

Whether it be burning everything their unfaithful partner owns to the ground, outting them to friends and family, or just outright public shaming; here are 45+ examples of people who took out the most savage revenge on their cheating exes.

1. An Expensive Affair

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Live Door Source: Live Door

Cheating can be expensive, as there is usually gift bribery from the cheater to their side-piece to keep them quiet. Not to mention going out, hotel rooms, etc.

More expensive than cheating sometimes, though, is getting caught. Particularly if you are an Apple products enthusiast.

2. Keeping It In The Family Is NeverA Good Idea

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VW Vortex/Uber Wagon Source: VW Vortex/Uber Wagon

Sometimes, after a person gets cheated on, there is just no way they can believe that leaving them will be enough to make the cheater realize the gravity of their mistake.

After all, the thought of losing them didn’t stop them from breaking trust and cheating on them when they knew how bad it would hurt their partner, so why would the consequence of leaving mean anything after the fact?

This is where the scorned ex begins to think hard about what their cheating ex does cherish, and for many men that is their car.

Unfortunately for this guy, he took an immoral decision to rock bottom when he chose to bang his girlfriend’s sister, and his car suffered the consequences. Guess he’s gonna have to Uber it to his Tinder meetups for the foreseeable future.

3. The Proposal Of A Lifetime

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Viral Thread/beaneyneilpudsey Source: Viral Thread/beaneyneilpudsey

This here is a prime example of why you should never cheat on the one you love. After this gent found out his bride to be had been cheating on him, he took out the ULTIMATE revenge! Instead of blowing up on her the minute he found out, he decided to bide his time to fool her into thinking he was going to propose through a sweet poem, but the heart-shaped card takes a drastic turn and her reaction in the video is priceless!

4. “Lost Dog”

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Reddit Source: Reddit

Sometimes people are happy to lose a dog. Not the furry four-legged dog, but men who act like dogs (no offense to dogs). After one college girl found out her boyfriend was sampling their campus platter, she posted these “lost dog” posters all over the campus, going into great detail about his mental health and sexual preferences.

5. House For Sale

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Business Insider/Elle Zober Source: Business Insider/Elle Zober

Cheating is never worth losing your house and family over, but it does happen. When Elle Zober learned her husband of 10 years had been cheating with a 22-year-old, she decided it was time to put the house on the market, and that honesty was the best policy when it comes to realty signs. The funniest part; her cheating ex helped pay for it!

6. The Punishment

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The Talko Source: The Talko

Sometimes the best way to go about dealing with a broken trust is to make the offender face their consequences head-on. What better way to do that than by a good old-fashioned public shaming?! Props to this guy for owning up to his mistakes and taking his punishment like a man, but it still doesn’t change his stripes.

7. “That’s Not My Girl!”

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The Daily Mail/Sarah&Mandie Source: The Daily Mail/Sarah&Mandie

If you are thinking about cheating on your partner, you might want to think carefully about what you give them for Christmas and birthdays. This young idiot thought it was a good idea to buy his girlfriend a stun-gun for Christmas even though he’d been cheating on her for “quite some time”. Guess he didn’t plan on her finding out and using it on him…or on her uploading the video to Youtube where it quickly went viral.

8. “Welcome Home”

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Imgur Source: Imgur

If a person decides to cheat, they should always be prepared to come home to something like this. Thought you were gonna go home and chill after work? Think again! Shame and humiliation will be on the itinerary that night.

9. “Do I Have Your Attention?”

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Observer/chromoz Source: Observer/chromoz

Sometimes getting revenge on your cheating partner is worth everything…including the bank account. In case you’re wondering, billboard rentals go for anywhere from $11,000-$23,000. Although he is now broke and his lack of largeness exploited, the good news is that the rental will last roughly a month, so we are sure Steven and everyone else in the region will get the message.

10. Spelling Aside

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eBaum's World Source: eBaum's World

We are not sure if the person who tagged the garage here actually accomplished their mission of publicly shaming their lover, or if they just brought a little humiliation on themselves for their crappy grammar. Maybe they were just too mad to remember that there are two S’s in the word asshole? Spelling aside, we’re sure the neighborhood got the message.

11. When You Rock The Boat

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Laguia Delvaron Source: Laguia Delvaron

If you are going to cheat, you better make sure you know what it will be worth to you. It cost this man the entire paint job on his expensive ski-boat. If you are thinking it couldn’t be that expensive, consider asking yourself why he would take it out on the water without getting it fixed.

12. Merry Christmas

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Twitter/CassyÕ G Source: Twitter/CassyÕ G

If you are cheating on your significant other, you might not want to get your hopes up when Christmas rolls around. Cassy found out her boyfriend had been exchanging some racy material with another girl via Twitter. She hacked his account and printed every single one of them out and gave it to him on Christmas. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite have the effect she thought it would with him saying “could’ve mention(ed) me I would’ve gladly re-tweeted it.” I guess we know he’s got some karma coming his way…

13. “You’re Broke”

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Laguia del Varon Source: Laguia del Varon

It’s all fun and games until your wife starts telling you to tell your girlfriend she said hello. Dave had better hope his side-piece enjoys him as much as he did her because it sounds like she’s stuck with him now. In case public shaming and vandalism aren’t enough, his wife took the whole family and all the money.

14. A Beautiful Friendship

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Reddit/rohdoh Source: Reddit/rohdoh

When a woman finds out you’ve been cheating on her, she doesn’t always end up hating the girl you did it with. Especially if she is aware the other girl had no idea she was seeing a cheater. One thing these cheaters should really fear is their girlfriends becoming friends who have on major thing in common; getting revenge on their cheating exes.

15. Don’t Screw Your Tattoo Artist

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Reddit/Chickenman456 Source: Reddit/Chickenman456

If you are going to get a tattoo from your boyfriend, make sure he doesn’t know that you’ve been cheating on him first. This girl found out the hard way when she tried to sue her ex for tattooing a huge, steaming pile of crap with flies on her back instead of the Narnia scene she had mentioned. Rossie didn’t know that her boyfriend, Ryan, had found out she was cheating. Since he had her sign a creative license, she was stuck with the tattoo on the losing side of her lawsuit.

16. Check Your Chocolates

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Reddit/gulpeg Source: Reddit/gulpeg

If a person is going to cheat, they need to be prepared for the revenge that their scorned lover might try to take out on them. This girl had no idea she’d been found out for what she really is by her boyfriend. So, he decided to get his revenge via a box of “chocolates” that actually turned out to be an insane amount of cockroaches, and locked her in the car to enjoy her “present”.

17. Priceless Revenge

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Lux_Bringer Source: Lux_Bringer

As we pointed out, billboards are far from cheap, so when Michael saw this, he probably freaked out a little. At least Jennifer got a sweet camera and GPS tracker out of the deal, so it was kind of worth it to her. Hopefully, Michael wasn’t depending on their investment accounts his safety net, because while the feeling of publicly shaming her husband might feel priceless, the billboard definitely wasn’t!

18. “Brilliant Way To Find Out Your Girl Is Cheating”

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Reddit/Vikingdeathjam Source: Reddit/Vikingdeathjam

Sometimes revenge kicks you in the ass from behind. If you’re gonna hook up with someone on the side, it’s better to at least be honest with them, if not your spouse. When this guy found out the girl he’d slept with didn’t tell him she was in a relationship, he made sure to tape a little sorry note to the bottom of the toilet seat for her boyfriend to find!

19. “One Of My Friend’s Moms Found Out That Her Husband Has Been Cheating”

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Reddit/ColeElkins Source: Reddit/ColeElkins

People who cheat on their significant others through apps like POF and Tinder should pretty much always expect to be caught. They are literally compiling an entire database of evidence of their unfaithfulness. So, when their lover finds out and changes their profile to a more accurate reflection of who they are, it should be no surprise!

20. No Game For You

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World Nation Source: World Nation

When you are a sports fan who loves to attend the games, you may want to think twice before you cheat on the girl who buys the tickets. When this football loving chick found out her significant other was seeing other people, she made him ride the “bench” at home. Look at that smile, though! It looks like going it alone was totally worth it!

21. When Sh** Hits The…Window?

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Blog Spot Source: Blog Spot

If there is one thing the players in the world should learn, it’s that if you love your car you shouldn’t cheat. Going far beyond the vengeful norm of spray paint and foul, descriptive language, this scorned ex took it to the next level with a bucket of crap! We have no idea if it was human or animal, but they got the message across; if you make someone feel like crap, be prepared to smell it everywhere you go…

22. When One Ax Isn’t Enough

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World Nation Source: World Nation

Sometimes all of the hurt, anger, and rage that someone feels after being betrayed in their relationship needs an outlet. That’s just where revenge comes from, and how cars end up vandalized. Unfortunately for this car owner, all of those feelings couldn’t be relieved with just one swing of an ax…or even by one ax itself.

23. Keep It Professional

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Not every woman goes on a psychopathic rampage against all her husband hold’s dear after they’ve been unfaithful. Some women, like Lisa, know the value of just accepting the situation and moving on. She kept her cool by simply stating a few facts on a billboard and even wished him an enjoyable commute to work. Way to keep it professional, girl!

24. When It Pays To Be The Early Bird On Craigslist

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World Nation Source: World Nation

Men aren’t the only ones who cheat on their spouses, and they also aren’t the only ones who love their cars. After her husband found out that his wife not only cheated on him but did it with his veteran brother who’d been crippled in battle, he decided that she didn’t’ deserve to drive their cherry Corvette anymore. The lucky folks in Snellville have probably never seen a race that big since!

25. Public Boasters End Up In Posters

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World Nation Source: World Nation

It wasn’t enough for this guy that he was successfully having an affair behind his wife’s back, he had to brag about it to his buddies, too. As karma would have it, he happened to be boasting about it on a train full of people when one of the disgusted passengers took a picture of him. If you’re gonna brag about cheating on your wife in public, expect it to blow up in your face.

26. When You Get Your Texts Mixed Up

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The Sun/Jordan Mcnelly Source: The Sun/Jordan Mcnelly

When you are juggling partners in both life and text, things can tend to get confusing pretty quickly. Zoe was feeling anxious that she couldn’t keep either of her bf’s happy and decided to confide in a friend via text. Along with being a cheater, though, Zoe also is lacking in the brain cell department and ended up sending a full confessional to her boyfriend Jordan of 2 years, who promptly uploaded the message to Twitter with a tell-all caption:

“When you accidentally tell your boyfriend you’re cheating on him #2yearswithahoe”

27. Going The Distance

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World Nation Source: World Nation

Cheating on your spouse is never what one could call a “good idea”, but it’s even dumber to continue inviting them to public events you’re involved in when you know they might find out. That is what this guy can tell any would-be cheater, as his wife dropped the bomb that she found out he was a cheater by holding up a huge poster board as she waited for him to run through the finish line of his marathon. Even if he came through first, his wife made sure he knew he was really coming up last.

28. Cheaters Lead To Charity

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Damn Cool Pictures Source: Damn Cool Pictures

Just because a person finds out they have been cheated on doesn’t mean they have to become bitter…or, at least not to the world. This man decided to turn life’s lemons into lemonade for his whole neighborhood. When he found out there was more than one man in his girl’s life, he decided that since she wasn’t spending much time in her clothes that other people could probably use them more, so he donated them!

29. Sometimes A Card Says It All

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Facebook/Listables Source: Facebook/Listables

Shaming a person doesn’t always have to be done in public to be effective. Especially if you live with the person that you are shaming. This guy is wise enough to know that he doesn’t have to do anything outlandish to show his ex-lover what she lost. He only had to return the key.

30. Hope You Aren’t Running Late

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Twitter/dawo0dy Source: Twitter/dawo0dy

With all the different ways a person can get sued these days, sometimes it’s better to execute the safer route to revenge by pranking someone. Rather than going to jail for vandalism, when this woman discovered her partner’s betrayal, she simply wrapped their car in cling wrap. A lot of cling wrap that happened to be attached to a pole.

31. “Slow Burn”

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Facebook/Listables Source: Facebook/Listables

Sometimes the very best revenge lies in how long you can wait to get it. Instead of simply exploding all over the place or setting fire to her ex’s things, this girl really thought out a strategy for her revenge. Really it’s quite brilliant too, because he will have no idea what happened to his spare by the time he needs it, and she knows he’ll get what’s coming when he least expects it.

32. Scavenger Hunt

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Facebook/Listables Source: Facebook/Listables

Getting the best revenge on a person should definitely include toying with them the way that they toyed with their partner’s emotions. This girl understood that fully. She decided to play a game with her ex after he cheated, where she hid everything he loved most in different places where they shared some of what she considered their most memorable moments. Hopefully, he was paying as much attention in the relationship as she was.

33. Make It Sting

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Facebook/Listables Source: Facebook/Listables

If you get broken up with for cheating on your boyfriend and he is nice enough to ask that you don’t use his passwords anymore, you had better take him up on the kind request. This guy’s ex found out the hard way when he suddenly changed the password to his Netflix account. He waited until she was thoroughly enraptured by the second season of her favorite show, of course.

34. “Game Over”

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World Nation Source: World Nation

Some of the most savage revenge doesn’t have to involve breaking things to be brutal. In fact, coming up with a creative way to leave your ex to think about everything they lost makes the best payback. So, when this woman found out her gamer hubby had a hook-up with some girl he met through his online game, she decided to make a hilarious pun out of their break-up.

35. Sexting In The Bleachers

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Twitter/Brynn Source: Twitter/Brynn

Shamelessness is never attractive, but it definitely attracts attention…even if it’s unwanted. Two girls at an Atlantic Braves game noticed the woman seated with her husband in front of them couldn’t keep her hands off her phone. When they realized she was sexting another man while snuggled up next to her husband, they decided to slip him a note telling him to look at her texts to “Nancy” on the way out and snapped some shots of her scandalous exchange as proof for when he called the number on their note.

36. The Pictures Say It All

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World Nation Source: World Nation

Some people need to have absolute, beyond-the-shadow-of-a-doubt proof that their partner is cheating before they end the relationship. Once you know the truth, though, what should you do with all that proof? Well, return the memorabilia to its rightful owner, of course, with all those precious memories sprawled over his car in a cling-wrapped display for all to see!

37. A Photo Is Only As Good As Its Caption

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World Nation/Instagram Source: World Nation/Instagram

When you have a great sense of humor, you can get through some of the worst trials in life. Instead of going on a rampage after finding out her boyfriend was cheating, she decided to make fun of the situation. Not only did she make herself feel better, but she shared her laughter with others by changing all of the captions on her and her ex’s Instagram photos.

38. Just So He Knows How It Feels