Parents Stunned Watched 2-Year-Old Drum On Table

July 12th, 2018

Child musical prodigies aren’t really a new thing anymore. Occasionally we will hear news of a five-year-old who can play classical pieces on the piano or the violin.

But it isn’t every day that we hear about a 2-year-old rock star who can give Ringo Starr a run for his money.

That’s why people went crazy when they saw a video of this cute drummer boy jamming with his drumsticks on an improvised table drum while a guitarist played and his mother sang in the background.

Little drummer boy

Leonard Lennox Noble, a toddler from Cincinnati, Ohio, found himself in the spotlight when an Instagram video of him drumming like a mad man on a makeshift drum set went viral.

He and his mom, Shintara Nicole Noble, 34, even appeared on the CBS Evening News because of the video!

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lifeoflennox via Instagram Source: lifeoflennox via Instagram

The clip shows Lennox drumming improvised beats on a small table in the living room to accompany a song called ‘I Can’ – a song that his mom’s band composed. He was perfectly in sync with the guitarist and his mother’s singing as they jam out to the song.

Lennox seems to have inherited his musical talents from his parents who are musicians themselves. His mom, Shintara, is a gospel singer and has a band of her own while his father, Herman Noble is a rapper. We would love to hear them all together sometime.

Sharing Lennox’s talent to the world

According to mom Shintara, Lennox began jamming at an even younger age than two!

“When he was a year and a half, he would come to work with me, and he would take my crochet needles, and he would be just drumming on my TV stand, and people would walk past and be like he’s gonna be a drummer,” Shintara said in an interview with CBS News.

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lifeoflennox via Instagram Source: lifeoflennox via Instagram

After discovering her son’s talent, Shintara decided to create a YouTube channel called Life of Lennox, so that they can share his talent with the world. Don’t forget to give them a follow and check out his other awesome videos if you have time. You won’t regret it!

Not long after, she also created an Instagram account to chronicle her son’s everyday life and musical progress. This is where the viral video of his drumming skills was initially posted before being picked up by some Facebook pages.

A bright future

It’s a good thing Lennox won’t have to improvise a drum set to play on anymore. A fan has recently gifted him with his first real drum set. Now, nothing can stop him from further perfecting his beats and rhythm!

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lifeoflennox via Instagram Source: lifeoflennox via Instagram

We wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a successful musician in the future given that he’s already scored a gig to play at one of Chris Tomlin’s concerts. That’s pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t even started kindergarten yet!

Who knows, maybe he will follow Justin Bieber’s footsteps to become one of the most successful young musicians in the industry. Bieber got his big break after being discovered on YouTube. Maybe Lennox’s Instagram videos will help him get his!

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lifeoflennox via Instagram Source: lifeoflennox via Instagram

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