Owner 'fakes his death' then films cats reaction

February 19th, 2020

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you faked your own death just to see your pet’s reaction? It sure is an entertaining idea and it can produce some very interesting results.

If the answer to the question above is ‘yes’ then we’ll have to disappoint you, because you wouldn’t be the first person who’d try such a thing. A guy actually pretended to be dead to see how his pet cat would react to it and posted the video on YouTube.

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This guy faked his own death and observed his cat’s reaction

Cats and humans don’t have much in common, right? If you agree with this statement, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, according to scientists cats are one of our closest evolutionary relatives. A study from 2007 showed that we share about 90 percent of our genes with the Abyssinian domestic cat.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cats can also have emotions and grow attached to their owners and in some cases, even save them from danger. These brave kitties, or hero cats, have actually jumped to the rescue when their owners needed them the most and saved the day.

Luckily, the guy from this YouTube video wasn’t in any real danger but his cat’s reaction only proved that his feline friend knew that something wasn’t quite right.

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Our furry friends are way smarter than we give them credit for

Observing the video carefully, you’ll quickly realize that as soon as he collapsed to his bed and feigned death, his cat realized something was wrong and hurried to investigate the matter. The feline could actually sense that its owner was breathing but wasn’t moving.

When the cat detected another human in the room (the guy who recorded the video) it immediately went to communicate to him that there was something wrong with its owner.

Cats can read your facial expressions

Feline behavior has long been studied by scientists worldwide and their research revealed some very interesting facts about our furry friends. Cats are fast learners and they can learn to read your facial expressions. According to scientists, if your cat detects that you’re smiling, it’s far more likely that it will purr, rub against you, or come to sit in your lap. Fascinating, right?

Cats are capable of doing much more than just reading our facial expressions, however. They have the capability to sense our emotions so if you’re often in a good mood you may spoil your cat who is far more likely to expect treats from you.

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It’s not easy to fool a cat

Having said all of the above, it becomes quite clear why the guy from the video couldn’t fool his cat into thinking that he was dead. The cat knew he was breathing but couldn’t determine why he wouldn’t move.

In any case, it’s heartwarming for all of you cat lovers out there to see that cats can react to our emotions and even jump to our rescue when they sense something is wrong.

Source: YouTube