'Outlander' adds adorable grey kitten as cast member

October 9th, 2019

Fans can’t seem to get enough of the TV drama Outlander. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s historical time travel book series of the same name, the show follows a former WWII nurse in 1946 who is transported back in time to 1743 Scotland. It’s there that she meets up with a group of rebel Scottish Highlanders and maximum drama ensues.

The plot is full of historical fiction, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. The series has made it to its fourth season, which is scheduled to premiere in February 2020. But a new, adorable cast member is making waves.

Adso the cat joins ‘Outlander’ cast

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Instagram/Outlander Starz Source: Instagram/Outlander Starz

The cast of ‘Outlander’ includes Irish actress Caitriona Balfe, Scottish actors Sam Heughan and Richard Rankin, British actress Sophie Skelton, among others. And the new season of the show, set to air, next year will also feature Adso the cat!

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Instagram/Outlander Starz Source: Instagram/Outlander Starz

Back in May, the Outlander Twitter page announced that Adso would be joining the show. “We have a very im-purr-tent casting announcement … who could it be?! Clan, meet our wee Adso!”

Adso immediately created quite a buzz on social media after it was announced he was joining the show.

Social media frenzy over Adso

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Instagram/Outlander Starz Source: Instagram/Outlander Starz

Check out some of the social media craze about Adso, which just shows how much cats are loved, especially adorable, furry ones! These comments were posted on the Outlander Twitter page:

  • “I’m in love with Adso!”
  • “There’s a new leading man in town.”
  • “Pawwwwwsitively precious.”
  • “Now this is the new star of the show! Sam who?”
  • “Love this kitteh … gonna be the star of the show.”
  • “The most important casting decision of Season 5 has occurred. Our lives are now complete.”

Adso was also in the book

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Amazon Source: Amazon

Anyone who had read the “Outlander” book series new exactly who Adso was. The precious kitten appeared in novel #5, called “The Fiery Cross.” In the book, Jamie Fraser, who is played by Heughan, happens upon the kitty and gives it to his wife, Clair, played by Balfe.

The Outlander Instagram page also posted a picture of Adso with the tagline: “You have got to be kitten us with that face.”

Where does the name Adso come from?

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Tumblr/Adso of Milk Source: Tumblr/Adso of Milk

Lead character Jamie, who found the cat in Book 5, came up with the name. Adso is the namesake of Jamie’s mother’s late cat. Of course, it doesn’t take Adso long to become the “household hunter,” ridding its new home of rodents and pests.

Outlander stars love Adso

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Instagram/Sam Heughan Source: Instagram/Sam Heughan

The stars of “Outlander” have also weighed in on how much they love their new cast member. Sam Heughan posted an adorable image of him and Adso together, where Adso is sitting on his shoulder on set.

And Caitriona Balfe was quoted as saying, “It does create a lot of distractions because we all just want to play with the cat instead of doing any work.”

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Instagram/Outlander Starz Source: Instagram/Outlander Starz

Apparently, while Adso is as cute as can be, he’s also a bit shy, according to Balfe. She recently told ET that Adso likes to play hard to get. “It’s really quite embarrassing because it’s just Sam and I trying to get [Adso’s] attention, and [he’s] like, ‘Whatever!’ He just wants to like find a spot in front of the fire and not play with us.”

For any fans of the show, the new season of “Outlander” will begin airing on February 16, 2020, on Starz. The show may have picked up a few new fans thanks to Adso! Here is a video with more photos of the adorable new cast member.

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