Farmer Dell Gets A Makeover From Oprah

March 12th, 2018

Everyone loves a good makeover. But this makeover puts other makeovers to shame.

Oprah’s staff took one look at Jason and knew that he would be perfect for their “Oprah, Makeover My Man,” overhaul.

“They knew that beneath the baggy overalls, the long bleached goatee and the tattered cowboy hat, there was a handsome man yearning to be set free,” a caption for Oprah’s video titled The ‘Farmer in the Dell’ reads.

And Jason wasn’t going to receive a makeover from just anyone.

He was getting a makeover from the “Make It Work” King, fashion consultant, and Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn, as well as celebrity hairstylist Diana Schmidtke. Oprah’s crew spotted Jason at a local Lowe’s home improvement store… big surprise!

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“They stopped dead in their tracks!” said Oprah of they staff when the spotted the undercover “hunky guy”. “Oh, this is a makeover dream!”

Gunn told Oprah that he thought the man was in disguise.

“So, be honest I thought, this is a Halloween costume,” Gunn Oprah. “Really! Who navigates the real world looking like that?”

Gunn nicknamed Jason “The Farmer in the Dell.”

“My apologies to farmers everywhere!” he joked.

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But when Jason came out the laughter stopped and the jaws dropped to the floor. Not only did Jason have an entirely new look, but he had an entirely new attitude. He had some major swag going on.

He came out in his jacket and did a spin with a huge smile on his face to an audience roaring with applause. Not to mention the fact that he looked SUPER handsome.

“I love that you kept the hat!” said Oprah who likened Jason’s new look to country star Kenny Chesney. “You’ve got to feel better?”

“I feel fantastic!,” Jason exclaimed. “You wouldn’t believe the looks I always got, I’m telling you.”

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Now the only looks Jason will be getting are looks of admiration.

“I have a very Socratic approach when it comes to getting one’s fashion right,” Gunn explained. “I did a Q&A with Jason about how he seems himself and his who his own style mentors are. Using a classically tailored jacket with a nod to Western wear with the Western yolk, and of course, a pair of jeans that fit and cowboy boots that he loves.”

Gunn also switched out Jason’s straw hat for a nicer cowboy hat.

“I thought I was going to get tetanus from it, it was nasty,” Gunn said of Jason’s original hat.

The first thing Schmidtke did was get rid of Jason’s scraggly beard.

“I thought immediately the beard had to go,” she explained. “Look at his smile, he has such a charming smile.”

You can see Jason’s brand new look and his gorgeous smile in the video below.

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Source: OWN