A New Wine Is Headed For The US From Spain – And It’s Blue

January 2nd, 2019

Everyone is familiar with the standard red and white wines. Even rose has become a favorite for some of us.

The classic types of wine have been around for years. New kinds don’t appear too often, but, when they do, it’s a big deal!

There’s a new wine making its way to America. Blue wine is headed to the United States from Spain.

The Spain-based company is Gik, and they are led by Artíz Lopez.

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Gik Live! via YouTube Source: Gik Live! via YouTube

How it All Began

Everyone on the Gik team is in their early twenties, and the team is only made up of six people, but they are handling their success amazingly well!

This blue wine was created after two years. The creators experimented with blends of grapes to find the perfect color.

They used grapes in vineyards in La Rioja, Zaragoza, and Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Gik worked together with University of the Basque Country and Food Tech to make this happen.

This beautifully-colored beverage is made from both white and red grapes. Then, they combine that mixture with organic indigo and anthocyanin pigments. The anthocyanin pigments come from grape skins.

The unique combination of ingredients makes for vibrant blue color. It’s like an electric or neon blue.

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Gik Live! via YouTube Source: Gik Live! via YouTube


The blue wine didn’t have an easy journey from the European countries to America, though. There was a Spanish law stating that only white and red wines could be sold.

The company was fined nearly $3,500 and was forced to change their label. It now says:

“99% wine and 1% grape juice”

It also must be sold under the other alcoholic beverages category in Spain instead of being considered wine.

In an interview, Lopez, spoke about the controversy of the new wine, saying,

“Our intention has never been to offend. We just try to bring this world closer to young people like us. There must be room for everything. For us, Gik is not just a blue wine, but a revolution in the world of wine.”

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Gik Live! via YouTube Source: Gik Live! via YouTube

Coming to America

Previously, the blue wine was a hit in Spain. This was when it first became available in Spain in 2015. Then, in 2016, it became available throughout Europe. Due to the success in Europe, Gik wanted to move the wine beyond the continent.

The wine company was able to work with American importers to make it available. Finally, the wine was able to embark on its trip to America. A total of 30,000 bottles were ordered in the United States alone. It’s safe to say that there is a high demand for the new beverage!

For now, it will be available in Miami, Boston, and Texas. From there, it will hopefully expand to New York, Michigan, New Jersey, California, and Washington.

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Gik Live! via YouTube Source: Gik Live! via YouTube

The wine is surprisingly affordable, which is contrary to what some may think of this special wine. It’s only $11 per bottle, so it’s not going to set you back too much.

The owner believes that they will be able to expand their retailer list more quickly going forward, and it will be able to be sold as a wine in the US.

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Gik Live! via YouTube Source: Gik Live! via YouTube

Since this wine has such a unique color, you have got to make sure you sip it in a clear glass. The electric color should be shown off proudly!

At this affordable price, this wine is worth a try. Since it’s expanding to a larger list of retailers, you should be able to find it near you soon.

Learn more in the video below.

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