Musician can't find babysitter so she brings baby on tour

September 9th, 2019

Musicians face the same parenting problems that other parents do who are in other lines of work

Both Parents Are Musicians

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When both parents are musicians and need to go on tour, it can be a problem as to who will take care of the little one.

Haruka Kikuchi is a trombonist with the New Orleans Jazz Band, “Shake Em Up”. She is the mother of who was then an eight-month-old son named Shouta.

Time To Tour

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Haruka was faced with a dilemma

When both she and her musician husband had to go on tours they did not have someone to care for Shouta.

Shouta Goes On Tour

Haruka and her husband agreed that Shouta would be better off going on the bandmates tour of Europe with his mother.

Haruka’s band mates had no objection to this, and it was the solution to the babysitting problem.

Shouta On Stage

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While most of the time, when Haruka was performing, there was someone to care for Shouta, there was one time when this was not the case.

Haruka had no choice but to play her instrument while holding Shouta on her lap at the same time.

Her Performance Was Fantastic

Haruka did not seem to be rattled about this in any way. Like most Moms, she learned how to improvise quickly. Shouta didn’t seem to mind either as he slept comfortably on Mom’s lap while wearing a set of headphones to protect his ears.

An Extra Treat For The Audience

The audience that Haruka was performing for along with other members of the band seemed to enjoy the extra addition to the performance.

Other Musicians In Similar Situations

There are many musicians, both famous and those who are getting started that are parents with little ones as well.

Juggling Parenthood and Performing

For a variety of different reasons, there are some musicians who also like to take their little ones on tour with them.

Amanda Palmer

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Amanda is still breastfeeding her little one and is a working mom as a musician. The solution for her is to have her little one close by when its feeding time. Amanda is married to best-selling author Neil Gaiman, so both parents have busy careers.

Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly is well known by many, and she too likes to have her children close by. She takes them on tour with her. On occasion, they will end up on stage with Kelly such as when she is doing an interview.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

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Both being top stars in the music world means that keeping a family together is no easy task. Beyonce and Jay-Z are known for taking their little ones on tour with them and on occasion may be seen on stage.


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Musicians that are on tour and don’t always have their kids with them can miss out on some precious moments. Madonna wanted to be sure that she didn’t miss out on her daughter’s birthday, so she brought her out on stage to celebrate it. It was her tenth birthday, and the entire crowd sang happy birthday to her.

There are a lot more musicians who take their family on tour with them. Some prefer to keep them out of the spotlight while others want to show them off to their fans.

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