Mom sends warning to parents after mistake puts her child at risk

December 13th, 2019

As your child grows, the baby-proofing of your house changes as well. When they are a newborn a parent does not need to worry about baby-proofing door handles or cabinet doors just yet. Once the babies start crawling and walking the baby proofing of the house takes on a whole new level, as this mother found out the hard way.

“Even though my house is baby proofed with outlet covers, door stoppers, baby gates, stove knob covers etc, my baby still got hurt”

Every parent is still human, which means they are not perfect people that will never make mistakes. This mother believed her house was 100% baby-proofed. What she forgot, and many parents do, is that your child is always watching you. These are the formative years for a child and they are constantly watching the adults around them.

A mother, remaining nameless, told her harrowing story, through the CPR Kids Facebook page, as a warning to all parents that your child is always watching you.

“Please remember that your little ones are constantly watching you and trying to mimic everything you do as part of their development… A few nights ago could’ve ended a lot differently for my daughter. Hopefully sharing this will help someone”

One action all adults do is plug in their phone chargers. This mother did not believe her child was paying attention every time she plugged in her charger, but the baby was watching, and it had scary consequences.

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The mother was in the room, but believing her house was completely baby proofed did not think about the open outlet that had her phone charger plugged in. The child, trying to copy what the mother did, grabbed the other end of the charger, which was already plugged in, and stuck it in the second open outlet.

“The power strip she tried plugging the charger into (one end was already plugged in, she tried putting the phone part of charger into the outlet) popped, shot sparks and what looked like flames and black smoke and threw her a few feet across the living room.”

After a few seconds of silence, the baby started to scream. The mother took her child to the hospital with the visible electric burn on her child’s hand. At the ER, with no visible exit of the electricity they kept the child overnight for observation. The child was okay in the end but this mom wanted to issue a warning to all parents, so they would not have to experience the same horror.

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With the help of CPR Kids and their Facebook page, they shared their video on how to treat burns. The first step after the burn being to run the burn under cold water up to twenty minutes. If it is an electric burn the first step is to turn off the circuit breaker before even touching your child.

“Also, be prepared to follow DRSABCD (as electrical injuries can cause damage to the heart and other organs), before following REMOVE, COOL, COVER, SEEK”

Another important factor with handling any type of burn is to seek medical assistance. Thankfully, this child did not have permanent damage and from this family’s scary day they were able to spread awareness to help other families. This mother wanted to never let another mother go through what she went through that day.

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To learn about to take care of burns from CPR Kids please watch the video below.

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