Mom Wraps Christmas Tree In Plastic - Note Threatens To Cancel Christmas Has Internet Reacting

January 6th, 2018

Kids can be a-holes. There. I said it. They try our patience, push their luck and test the boundaries on a daily basis. They cry. Throw tantrums, and say things that will both embarrass the crap out of you and reduce your self-confidence to microscopic levels. Yet, we continue to love them to death as if they are perfect angels. So you can’t blame a parent every for losing their cool every once and a while, much this one mom did.

One fed up mom decided to teach her children a lesson, and so she threatened to cancel Christmas. And, despite the fact that we live in a world of participation trophies and “Excellent!”s and “Needs Improvement”s instead of A, B or Cs, this mom had the audacity to share her threat with the world. *GASP* As you may have already suspected, the world is slightly overreacting.

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Some parents were completely against what this mom did.

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“That is very cruel,” one person wrote. “I feel sorry for some children.”

this makes the joy of unconditional receiving and giving of gifts conditional. These are children. Leading by example,” wrote another.

“If I discipline my kids they know it comes from me. If I say something I follow through. My kids have never been bad enough to take away their presents but I would probably not threaten it. That’s one I wouldn’t want to follow through on.”

Others, on the other hand, completely agree with the sentiment and believe that children today need to be taught a lesson or two.

“As a mother of 5, foster Mum of 2, Grannyy of 13 and a great grandmother I say well done. Its great to see a parent in control.”

“Should be more of this!!”

“This is awesome!”

“Good job Mom!”

Just read an article on this from quoting different different parenting ‘experts’ saying this the incorrect way to handle their bad behaviour. There response was to allow the children 5-30 minutes of ‘consequences’ then resume like nothing happened. What a load of absolute BS, these so called experts really have no idea and kids of any age need to understand that actions have consequences. Bravo and standing round of applause to this mother.”

Others found comedy in the situation.

“For all of those with toddlers this is a great way to keep the baubles on the tree.”

Let’s just say that there were a lot of laughing emojis on this comment thread.

While others kind of, well, ruined a good joke (as those others are apt to do).

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“The massive irony being that the original story of Christmas is about God sending his only son to save (Jesus meaning = to save) humans that are not good enough for God. Whereas our stories about Santa, say that he only comes to Children that are good enough to earn his gifts.”

“Or you could tell them the truth and ask them if they still want to celebrate the biggest consumer and corporate wet dream of the year…” (Who invited this person to the party?!)

And then there were those who completely missed the point.

“I have an elf on the shelf!” Okay then…

So, what did she write that has sparked such a hot debate?

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED FOR NOW! IF you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit + your free + presents back your behavior needs to improve,” the note read. “Santa is very angry and I’m disappointed. Be good and say sorry to Mum.

You all have 1 week to improve. I’m WATCHING

– ELSIE Creepy McCreep Face

She then proceeded to wrap the tree in seran wrap, just for good measure.

I’m not going to lie to you: I’m laughing right now. Would I ever do this to my own children? Absolutely not! I hate to see them disappointed. But will I judge this mom for doing whatever she thinks would work for her children? Again, no! To each their own.

I really hope for this mom’s sake, however, that it worked, otherwise all she really succeeded in doing was making the internet mad (and that is one entity you don’t want to anger!).

Props, Mama, for putting your foot down and saying to heck with whatever every “parenting expert” out there thinks!

What do you guys think of this mom’s punishment? Too much? Just right? Let us know your thoughts!

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Source: ABC Brisbane