Mom dresses kids as characters from Schitt’s Creek and Moira’s pose it too perfect

October 15th, 2020

For most people, the 2020 global pandemic has been nothing but a recipe for disaster. The nature of COVID-19 has stifled businesses in the economy, quarantined most members of society, and also imposed travel restrictions from country to country.

It’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty rough ride this year.

Luckily, we should never underestimate the will of the human spirit to fight back when our backs are against the wall. People have been able to utilize their time to create projects that otherwise would have been impossible given their normal time schedules.

In particular, Do It Yourself (DIY) projects have been surging through various media outlets to create a medium of expression and let out some of the cooped up energy from being isolated all day and night.

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One, in particular, came from long-time Halloween DIY aficionado, Lauren Mancke, who decided to change some things this time around.

Mancke has been designing Halloween costumes for her kids year after year; garnering a huge crowd of supporters and hundreds of social media views to boot.

This year was no different with the creator having a pretty interesting idea conjured up.

“We’ve decided to do our month of costumes again this year, like in years past, to bring joy to people, which I know our family needs this year more than ever. After losing my grandmother earlier in May to this virus, we want others to know Halloween isn’t canceled and we can still find fun in new creative ways,” said Lauren. “We chose to kick things off with a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ costume because it is one of our favorite shows, and also to congratulate them on an unbelievable and well-deserved sweep of the Emmys. Such talent!”

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The sitcom tells the tale of Johnny Rose and his family, who have dominated the video store market as the second-largest in North America, but end up broke and forced out of their pampered way of life.

Fortunately, Johnny had purchased a small backwater town by the name of Schitt’s Creek years ago as a joke, and so the family was forced to relocate there due to their financial circumstances.

Run by the seemingly unsophisticated Schitts, the Roses do what they must to climb back on top all while trying to balance their new way of life.

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Similar to previous DIY costumes, Mancke uses Primary clothing to bring the costumes to life for her three kids, 6-year-old Fox and 3-year old twins Marigold and Lera.

Vinyl was used to create the lightning bolts on David’s sweater, a garbage bag for Moira’s dress, and of course, you can’t forget Eugene Levy/Johnny’s pronounced eyebrows.

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laurenmancke Source: laurenmancke

The kids look absolutely adorable and the resemblance is strikingly accurate!

In the edited photograph, Fox is dressed as David and Johnny, Marigold is dressed as Moira, and Lera as the fluffy-hat wearing Alexis.

You can tell the time and dedication it took to create these looks was not easy, but totally worth the effort. The big smiles on the kids say enough about how they feel towards their new personas.

Lauren is a genius at what she does and without a doubt is an inspiration to creators all over the globe. Not only can she whip up unique outfits for her kids, but the fact that she is also using this outlet to bond with her kids makes her a role model mom.

If nothing changes from last year, Lauren will be posting pictures of her kids sporting the costumes on Halloween to her Instagram account.

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laurenmancke Source: laurenmancke

We can’t wait to see what kind of special moments the family will encounter in this year’s Halloween festivities.

Don’t let the virus distract you from your inner creative potential. It didn’t stop Mancke and her kids, so it shouldn’t stop you either!

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Source: Instagram-laurenmancke ,Popsugar