Man mistakenly threw lotto ticket in the trash – finds out its a winning ticket for $100K prize

February 19th, 2020

One man mistakenly throws his winning $100,000 lottery ticket in the trash then realizes his mistake in the nick of time.

Each day, hundreds if not thousands of people try their luck in purchasing lotto tickets or similar ways to win big amounts of money.

If you are someone who regularly does this, you would know how much anticipation a person feels when the winning numbers are being announced.

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No matter how many times you fail, still, there is this tiny chance that one day; you might just win the grand price in that one lucky lotto ticket.

However, there was one man from South Carolina who learned his lesson the hard way. In fact, he was too close to losing $100,000 prize money!

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It was truly a close call! Imagine realizing that you’ve thrown your winning lottery ticket in the trash?

An unnamed man from Newbury, South Carolina had purchased a Palmetto Cash 5 lottery ticket with all high hopes.

When he was checking his numbers, he was heartbroken to see that it didn’t match up. So, like most of us, he just went and threw the ticket in the trash.

Then, just as this man was sipping his coffee, it hit him! He just realized that he had tried matching his ticket to a different day’s winning number combination!

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Surely, anyone in this situation would have a mini heart attack!

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“I checked the results for the day before,” the unknown man shared the South Carolina Education Lottery commission.

He hurried and retrieved the ticket in the trash bin and he was just on time!

Again, he checked his ticket and the winning number more than once – he was in disbelief! He had just won $100,000 jackpot!

We’re so happy for him! It was such a close call! Can you imagine returning to the trash bin and never finding the winning ticket again?

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pasja1000/Pixabay Source: pasja1000/Pixabay

“I couldn’t believe it,” the lucky man shared to the lottery commission.

This lucky man discovered his winning lottery ticket last Jan. 24, 2020.

If you’re curious, his lucky numbers were 9, 15, 25, 27 and 30.

You might want to get a little tip from his number of maybe yet, don’t give up on your favorite or lucky numbers!

The big lottery winner shared that he plans to give some of his lottery earnings to his chosen charity. He also shared that he plans on investing the rest of his prize money on his grandchildren’s college funds!

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bruce mars / Unsplash Source: bruce mars / Unsplash

What a kind and lucky man indeed!

The chances of a person to win the lottery or any other similar raffle are actually very slim.

Yet, many people still hope that one day, they would be like this lucky man who had won a huge amount.

According to the lottery commission, his odds of winning were one in 501,942!

Maybe next time, we all get to carefully check the results and our tickets before deciding to throw it away. We might not be as lucky as this guy!

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