Mama dog is depressed after her litter of puppies die in a fire -then she meets a new litter of puppies

November 25th, 2019

Daisy lost her litter of pups in a barn fire and it devastated her

The Barn Fire

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When the owner Jessica Woodruff went out to the barn the day of the fire Daisy was really distraught. She had to hold Daisy back from trying to enter the burning barn.

The Possible Cause

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A heat lamp was being used to keep the pups warm, and Jessica suspects that maybe that is what caused the fire.

Daisy Goes Into A Depression

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Daisy was so upset at the loss of her litter that she wouldn’t even eat. Throughout the day she would walk down to the remains of the barn, and sit there and whine. This was heart-wrenching for her owners to watch.

Finding A Solution

With so much sadness after the loss of the puppies as well as some of the other animals in the barn, Daisy’s owners wanted to do something for her.

Search on Facebook

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The owner went on Facebook to search for puppies that had become orphaned that perhaps Daisy could Mother.

A Response

A response to facebook search came from Lorna Murphy, and Daisy ended up with a new litter to care for. Lorna’s dog Chloe had died shortly giving birth to her litter of pups of eight.

Daisy Meets The Litter

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It was soon arranged for Daisy to meet the litter of adorable black and white orphaned pups.

Daisy Adopts the Litter

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It didn’t take long for Daisy’s motherly instincts to kick in as she quickly adopted the new litter.

Not Uncommon

It is not that dogs don’t care who they Mother, they just have strong Motherly instincts and often it doesn’t even have to be their own pups that they will take responsibility for.

Here is an example

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This Mama dog had a litter of pups that she was caring for. Then a litter was dumped off at a shelter without their Mom. So this dog took them in and fed them as well. She had the instinct to know that the abandoned litter was in trouble so she came to the rescue.

Mama Dog Was Going to Be Euthanized

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Another mama dog who had a litter of pups was going to be euthanized by a shelter, but another group stepped in. A rescue organization that saves dogs from the kill list took this dog and her two pups to their ranch.

Then they heard that a person was going to drown 9 pup Pitbulls. The group stepped in again and took five of the pups. Another organization took the other four.

The original Mama dog that had been saved took on the responsibility of nursing the additional five puppies that had been brought to the ranch.

Puppies Born Stillborn

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One dog delivered puppies but they were born stillborn. At the same time, another litter of pups were rescued whose Mother had died. So this Mom was ready to take over feeding these puppies until they were old enough to fend for themselves.

It is sad to see an animal lose one of their babies. Dogs really seem to sense their lost but it is fortunate that they will take care of those that are not their own.

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